Derksen Industries Hompage -- Be careful not to take any samples of DI products...hehehe... ;)
Cheetaholics: Official Homepage of Fred Perry's Gold Digger -- Excellent furry comic.
Equine beauties -- Lots of beautiful centauress photomanips here.
Fantasy art of Elfwood -- Lots of nice fantasy art here, by various artists.
Mailing List Centaur Art Archive -- Art archive for the Centaur email mailing list, maintained by Aatheus.
Mermaid's Tail -- Lots of excellent photomanips, most with little story bits along with them, to explain the pic.
Dave's Realm of Transformation -- Some furry, lotsa wierd pics. ;)
StormDrake's Citadel - The Menagerie -- Home to the Saga of the Blood universe, with pics of that, as well as many strange TF pics.
The Otter's Pond -- Oren otter's page, take a look. :)
The Shifting World of Eala Dubh
Aatheus' Furry Art
The Anime Transformation Archive (ATFA) -- The ATFA is a great archive for anime-style TF art, though it hasn't been updated in a while. *pokes Jason* ;)
IdahoBob's 'Taur Annex -- He's not from Idaho, and his name isn't Bob ;)
Destrier's "If Wishers Were Horses" -- Equine tf art and stories.
X-Formations (The Art of Ian Williams) -- Excellent TF artist. Check him out.
The RUCT Contest Page
Embrace The Darkness
Jason's Morph Page
Ponypics! Images by Flinthoof
Cuppy's World