Derksen Industries Hompage -- Be careful not to take any samples of DI products...hehehe... ;)
Mermaid's Tail -- Excellent illustrated stories.
The Transformation Story Archive Universe Nexus
The Transformation Story Archive -- The TF story archive on the net. :)
Robo's World Index
StormDrake's Citadel - The Menagerie -- Home to the Saga of the Blood universe, with pics of that, as well as many strange TF pics.
The Otter's Pond -- Oren otter's page, take a look. :)
'Taurtails! -- 'Taur story archive.
XoYo's Story Archive
SR Foxley's Hole in the Ground
IdahoBob's 'Taur Annex -- He's not from Idaho, and his name isn't Bob ;)
The Shifting World of Eala Dubh
Destrier's "If Wishers Were Horses" -- Equine tf art and stories.
X-Formations (The Art of Ian Williams) -- Excellent TF artist. Check him out. He has stories on his site inspired by his art.
Phaedrus' Transformation Stories List
Michael Bard's Story Page
Light's Library On The Mountain
Radioactive Loner's Homepage
Deranged Kitsune's Page of Chaos and Insanity
Pickled Punks -- All sorts of TFs.
The Winds of Change Archive -- Archive for the Winds of Change shared story universe.