If you like this site you'll love:

The Transformation Story Archive  - of course!
Fictionmania - Sadly missed.
Sapphire's Place - one of the first TG sites I encountered
The Nifty Archive  - more TG fiction than you could read in a year
The Transformation Ring Homepage  - a web ring devoted to like-minded people
The Gender Change Fiction List  - Paul Pichette's staggeringly comprehensive labour of love
The Transformation Graphics Archive  - the TG section is quite wonderful
Cromexx Central  - Cleo Kraft's personal story archive
Paul Pichette's Ovid Site  - a collection of hand drawn and manipulated TG artwork
The Transformation Stories List - of every type you could imagine
Mat Charles's Home Page - an extremely talented (non TG) writer
Magus the Fox's Archive - a wide range of material from many fine writers
Channing and Feech's web site - wonderful, wonderful stories. Read them all! (But especially Mundementia One)

If you're getting pissed off with Windows, DOS or whatever, you could break out of the MS trap. I know it's not transformation related, but I don't like missing an opportunity to evangalise. :)

If there's other sites you think should be here or that I would like please let me know.

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