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This is an archive of stories by XoYo, which have been posted to the TSA-talk and/or TG Fiction mailing lists. The TSA-talk list is associated with Thomas Hassan's Transformation Story Archive and is dedicated to the discussion and writing of stories about physical transformation. If this subject is of interest to you, the list is a must, though with an average of 40-60 posts a day it can take over your life. You can subscribe to the list at this site .

The TG Fiction mailing list was associated with the now sadly defunct Fictionmania. FM was, for two years, the most important and successful TG fiction site on the Internet and its passing leaves a hole in me that feels unlikely to be filled. Unfortunately, too many people took it for granted and started taking the piss, until Mindy, who ran it, decided that it was just no fun anymore and pulled the plug. There's an important lesson in there, but, depressingly, I think the people who need to learn it the most are the least likely to do so.

I've seen a number of people sending e-mails to the TG Fiction list saying that the loss of Fictionmania has hit them like a death in the family. I can only agree. It feels like a part of me is gone. Many thanks to Mindy for two wonderful years. I don't think we'll see her like again.

There is a new TG fiction list starting up, run by Sapphire, and Nostromo is resurrecting his list as well. It's good to know that there are people like them out there and I hope they aren't made to burn out as Mindy did.

While the stories archived on this site mostly have adult themes, I think you'll be disappointed if you're looking for pornography. There is a slight erotic bent to some of them, but this tends to be secondary to the telling of the story.

If you're interested in finding out something about me, I've set up a little biography page. I honestly can't think why you would be, though.

If you want to redistribute or archive any of the stories here, please read this note.

As you may have noticed, I've jumped ship from Geocities and set up home here at Transform.to. Geocites was becoming way too slow and the advertising was really getting on my tits. Anyway, the Transform server is a much cooler place to be!

Many thanks to the Dragon De Monsyne for the generous donation of web space.

The stories:

The Knowledge of Angels

A story of Elizabethan magic, obsession and angels. 
  - added 18 November 1997 - 4,100 words



Martin is tired of life.  He is offered another.  Will it be enough? 
  - added 18 November 1997 - 5,200 words


An Invocation of Fire

Death, mourning and rebirth through fire. 
   - added 21 November 1997 - 2,300 words


The Travelling Companion

In a boarding house in Hastings, the last act of a doomed love is played out. 
   - added 25 November 1997 - 4,800 words


Family Man

How far will a loving father go to protect his only daughter? 
    - added 4 December 1997 - 2,100 words



No, love does not conquer all. 
   - added 7 December 1997 - 1,700 words



"Of course, when I woke up I was dead."
   - added 1 February 1998 - 2,800 words


In the Belly of the Beast

Let sleeping dragons lie.
   - added 8 February 1998 - 3,000 words


All Tomorrow's Parties

Cassandra, the hostess of the age, holds a secret that must survive her.
   - added 23 April 1998 - 10,000 words



A lonely ritual of transformation, but into what?
   - added 24 April 1998 - 1,200 words


Just Another Love Story

Alasdair is looking for love.  What he finds is much stranger.
   - added 15 May 1998 - 9,700 words


Dream Girl

How much would you give up to realise your dreams?
   - added 6 June 1998 - 1,000 words  

Everyone Deserves a Happy Ending

The first sequel to Just Another Love story, set ten years on.
   - added 27 March 1999 - 15,000 words


The second sequel to Just Another Love story, set thirty years on.
   - added 4 April 1999 - 4,000 words

Blue Summer Sky

A husband, a wife and a beautiful summer afternoon.
   - added 13 June 1999 - 1,200 words


A young boy runs away to the city, but what exactly is he running from?
   - added 7 October 1999 - 3,000 words


The Travelling Companion is set in Keith Morrison's Silver Dawn story universe. Thomas Hassan has put together an archive of Silver Dawn stories at the TSA site.

Family Man, Condensation and Blue Summer Sky are set in Mark Van Sciver's Blind Pig story universe. There is an extensive Blind Pig archive at the TSA which I recommend thoroughly. These stories will make a lot more sense if you read the others.

In The Belly of the Beast is set in Bill Hart's Spells 'R' Us story universe. Sapphire has organised a pretty complete SRU archive at her place.

Dream Girl is set in Raven and Caleb Jones's Ye Olde Body Shoppe story universe. You used to be able to read the other stories set there at Fictionmania, but now that it's gone I don't know where else they are available.

TG- indicates a transgender theme

Strong- indicates sex, violence or profanity

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