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To Nothingsp, Chompy, or anyone else...

Episode submitted by Area82 on Fri Sep 2 00:15:08 2011
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I am going to Florida for vacation, so I'm afraid that I won't be able to put in an episode that deals with the Monday's school meeting mini-plot. And, considering it would require a bit of collab effort anyway, I figured I might as well as just post what I had in mind for Mrs. Crawford's part. I'm sorry about putting this work-load on you guys, but I won't be able to get the chance to deal with it.

I have try my best to sort out my ideas, but I’m not sure if I have ‘paint’ it clearly, so I’ll just try you to do your best and maybe throw in a little something yourself (or changed something) that would fit the character’s personality better (or add some interest character development). Thank you in advance and hope this isn't asking too much. I'll be, however, working on an interesting encounter between Tiffany's teacher and Mrs. Crawford (that is, if I can find the time to do so), so that should count for something.


> Mrs. Crawford found Tiffany’s new transformation puzzling, but was busy with the preparation for the meeting to find out what happen. There should be a little forewarning about an upcoming event between her and Tiffany’s teacher (I am going to need her full name), which I’ll be working on. That event would either be on Tuesday or Wednesday (story-wise).
> Mrs. Crawford, Becca and Trident, and Mayan talked about the strange event involving the town during Lunch.
> Mrs. Crawford’s introduction to the reward system, a system used to increase the motivation for wearing clothes. She will also discuss the idea of coming up with after-school programs to improved social relationship, though only putting the idea on the table, since it would be too soon without a clear understanding on the matter.
> Mrs. Crawford and Principal Erin revealed that they are dividing their duties, Emily taking the night shift and Erin taking the day shift, so that way he can be with his wife during the night (since she is an anthropomorphic worm and is more active during the night).
> Mrs. Crawford will also gently reveal her Shadoe Fae form, so that the school staffs could know of it and be more comfortable with it.


Mrs. Crawford wanted to help the school ground with increasing the student's motivation for wearing clothes, and figured that using a reward system would be better than forcing new rules down students' throats, trying to look at it in a psychological point of view while wanting to give the students a nice break for a change.

Full Rewards:
One 25% on the worst test grade.
Two 10% on any normal assignment grade.
Special school privileges.

Written Rewards:
One 5% (rounding up on the worst test grade (handicap only).
Two 10% on any normal assignment grade.
Special school privileges.

> To get the full reward, the students must wear clothes when the reward system become active to the end of the school year. Getting a written permission throughout the whole school year would get the Written Rewards.
> If first condition is in question of fairness, she would then suggest that it can be tied to the other rules (except for attendance, since students get a seperate reward for Perfect Attendance and it is a bit much) with a clear chance of looking over for improvements before it become active in a week.
> There is no punishment for not wearing clothes, as long as the student get an one-time permission slip (for each day) from the school office that the student could show to their teachers (and won't be counted as late if the bell ring in the process). This condition will prevent the students from feeling too much pressure.
> The Reward System will be talk about with the students before going active, allowing the students themselves to see if it need any improvements.


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