Greetings to one and all; Quentin Long here with some of my stories. I have plenty of other interests (i.e. MetaSquares, filksongs, etc), and I keep the fruits thereof on display at another site; this site, however, exists mostly as a portfolio of my stories so that people who might like to hire me can see what they're getting.
  This site does not incorporate JavaScript, MIDI files, animated backgrounds, or any of the other myriad bandwidth-sucking ills to which the Net is heir. Heck, I almost don't have any graphics! Unlike certain other web designers, I recognize that some -- perhaps even "most" -- people simply don't have an obscenely fast hookup (DSL, cable modem, etc), thus I've deliberately chosen to limit the "eye candy" to what can be accomplished thru use of text and HTML tags.
latest update
   24 Sep 2007 -- Listmember Lost has been pulled from the LTF archive by its author, Bannwynn Oakshadow, to maintain First North American publishing rights.