by James S. Cole
part 1
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  If there is anything I hate, it's public transportation. Always seems buses are late or packed. This particular day was one that made me especially hate buses. I had a class at 4:00 but needed to catch a bus a little before two to get there on time.
  In all the stories I've written, the transformation has been in a convenient place where the transformee could easily hide or be alone to react to the change in private. Whatever it was that caused these transformations obviously never read my stories.
  I'd always been obsessed with imagining and describing the sensations of transformation. Now, for a brief moment, I would feel those sensations. It wasn't painful at all, at least not the changes. Suddenly having one's body metamorph makes your clothes uncomfortable.
  I'll admit it: I love the female breast. Most heterosexual men do. This was the first part of me to change. If you've ever sucked air into your cheeks, then you can get some sense of the feeling. But having that feeling center on your chest is disturbing. The skin kind of inflated outward, my t-shirt getting tight as it "tented" over a pair of rather large breasts. The fabric rubbing against my now larger nipples was very arousing, but I didn't get stiff from it.
  The fact my penis was retracting, of course, was the reason. It's odd to describe the feeling, kind of like having your genitals pulled, but in the other direction. I was tempted to rub myself down there just to know if what I heard was true and the area was super sexually sensitive.
  A pulling sensation began on my back. Again, it never hurt, though having my shirt get suddenly much tighter and having the collar choke me did. It wasn't a cheap shirt, mind you, too, I had to gasp for a bit before the shirt simply couldn't take the stress. I heard a ripping sound signaling the end of the back of my t-shirt. I shrugged my jacket off as my wings kept expanding. This was a mistake. The jacket sleeves where all that kept my shirt on.
  I let out an "eep" as my new breasts saw the light of day. I looked down, still more amazed at the sudden growth than the embarrassment of being topless. The skin of my bust was a rosy red, the areola looking kinda purplish, and the rose color was spreading. I snapped to my senses and grabbed the scrap of cloth that was my shirt to cover up fast.
  By now my wings had fully formed, the sensation of immense weight on my back tipped me off. I looked left and right to see two absolutely huge brown feathered wings.
  The pulling sensation hit my legs, and I winced as my jeans suddenly got tighter in all the wrong places as my legs changed shape, my arches extending as rest of my legs became smaller. My shoes were now quite uncomfortable and I decided to pull them off. I did it just in time. My feet seemed to burst at the sides as hard black hooves came into being. An itching sensation spread over my legs as a short layer of fur grew in. I felt a pinch in my back side, then, the pulling again. A tickling sensation spread down my one leg following the pulling. Just super. My tail was trapped in my pants leg.
  I felt the pulling in my face and for a moment there was a blind spot in the middle of my field of vision. The spot dwindled to almost nothing, making it once again easy to see. I felt the pulling on my temples and watched my glasses clatter to the floor, I felt my temples and found a pair of spiral ram horns covered with some kind of metal. I blinked, realizing everything was crystal clear now, clearer then I'd ever seen things. I felt a tug on my ears then my hair, which in moments was swishing against the small of my back.
  People were, to their credit, not freaking out loudly, just staring. This was a sight none of them would ever forget. But, once I stopped changing, someone finally screamed. The bus lurched to a stop as panicked passengers scrambled to get off. There were unidentifiable screams as I just sat there looking dumbfounded. The driver, too, was confused. One look in the back and he was out the bus door, too. Several people continued to panic, but a few had stopped. I saw several people outside the bus flush with embarrassment. Eventually all whom were calm calmed others. But traffic was held up. The driver filed everyone back into the bus.
  "You need to get us to a hospital," someone up front told the driver.
  "I can't just change my stops for no reason," the driver replied.
  "That -- person needs to get to a hospital. We all do! What if it's contagious?!?"
  This comment got a few bad reactions. The bus driver agreed a hospital was the best place and he drove on, not stopping unless he absolutely needed to. He even cut a few red lights as he headed for the nearest hospital. I sat tight, saying nothing. Everyone stared at me and I felt like a criminal or a leper.
  I tried to gather my thoughts, I had turned into my gargoyle character, Sasha. She had powers, lots of them. I closed my eyes and tried envisioning my room, and willing myself to teleport there. I opened my eyes and found I was still on the bus. I figured I was less powerful than Sasha was supposed to be. But, if she could form clothes, surely I could. I closed my eyes and imagined a blouse appearing on me, when my eyes opened, again, nothing. The realization that I only had Sasha's form hit me. I clutched the seat in frustration and was surprised when my claws broke though the plastic. I was strong as Sasha!
  I flushed and covered up with my coat. I didn't want to gain a reputation for flashing.
  The hospital became hectic when I was brought in. The emergency room staff at first tried to 'remove my costume' and several female nurses screamed when they realized it wasn't a costume but flesh.
  "Are you alright, miss?" a male nurse said.
  "Physically, I'm fine, but not -- me," I spit out.
  "Do you know what happened?" he asked me.
  "I was sitting on the bus minding my own business," I said, "when I suddenly changed from a male human to a female gargoyle."
  "Were you sick recently?" he asked me.
  "No, it was just out of the blue, and just me."
  "We can't assume, whatever it is, that it's not contagious," he stated. "Get everyone else out."
  "Not to be a bother," I interrupted, "but my jeans are kinda cutting off circulation to parts of my legs and tail. Is there somewhere I can change into, say, a hospital gown?"
  I was taken to a small cubicle with a curtain, given a hospital gown and some privacy. It felt good to strip, my legs and tail felt so confined. Hospital gowns having those wide open backs helped me as my wings and tail were not restricted.
  A female doctor moved the curtain. "Holy shit!" she shouted, almost pissing herself.
  "I guess I should get used to that reaction, huh?" I said.
  "It's amazing," she said. "What the hell are you?"
  "I'm a gargoyle, near as I can tell," I said. "My name is James Cole, though somehow that name doesn't seam to fit now."
  "I -- guess not," she said still looking shocked. "I'm Doctor Thomas. I can't believe you're real."
  "If I wasn't wearing this body I wouldn't believe it either," I said, chuckling. "My clothing bill is gonna be hell. I'll need to custom order everything."
  "Yo! Doc Thomas!" some male nurse shouted. "Looks like demon girl isn't the only freak out there."
  "I'm not a demon!" I shouted. "Or a freak!"
  "Calm down," Dr. Thomas said. "You shouldn't be getting so excited."
  "No, I think I should. I wanna see a TV and the news. Maybe it can explain what happened to me," I said flatly.
  "Oh, no, we are doing some tests first. I don't want to find out you can infect others too late."
  The tests were, at the least, intrusive. I had skin, hair, feather, fur, and blood samples taken. I had swabs taken of the inside of my mouth and my new sex orifice. I was forced to provide a urine sample. Getting it was hard as it was my first time peeing without a penis. I didn't produce that much urine either. The stool sample came next. I was kinda surprised. All I could make was one extremely small and dry pellet. I blushed like mad when she did the gynecological exam, checking to see if I had a hymen, the membrane broken during a female's first sex experience. Yes I was a virgin.
  I took reflex and strength tests, turned out I moved very fast and was as strong as 17 women of my same build. The eye sight exam came next. I actually had better than 20/20 vision. It was pointed out my hooves had amazing traction, since I wasn't slipping around on tile floors. I even absently walked across a wet floor and never noticed my traction was so good.
  "Well, Mr. Cole," Dr. Thomas said. "From these initial results I can say you are the most healthy -- person I've ever seen."
  "Miss Cole, please," I said. "I need to accept I am female, and so should everyone else."
  "We contacted your parents," Dr. Thomas explained. "We didn't explain the nature of your condition, just that you were taken to the hospital."
  "Don't let them come see me right away," I said. "I think they should see the news first, then slowly be introduced to the concept their son, or stepson in case of my step dad, has become a non-human female."
  Just then there was a commotion as orderlies where pushed aside by a rush of reporters and camera persons. They where all more aggressive than I'd ever seen the local Pittsburgh news. I was blinded by flash bulbs, had around 15 microphones shoved in my face, and was asked questions rapid-fire. It was so loud and annoying, I wanted to scream. What I did was roar very loudly. The reporters shut up fast.
  "One at a fucking time!" I shouted. "You'll all get your stories but not by aggravating me! Everyone get out of here and wait wherever the hospital tells you. You'll get let in one at a time, anyone who cuts in line gets to see me crush their camera with my bare hands!"
  "She's strong enough to back up that threat," Dr. Thomas added.
  True to my word, all the news people got an interview and I didn't need to crush any cameras. I kept the interview short: My name, age, and what had happened. I explained I would hold an official press conference when I was good and ready, and when I got some clothes. Despite the short length, the interviews still took till almost ten o'clock.
  I lay back in bed afterwards, having to reposition myself over and over to accommodate my wings. Finally I wrapped my wings around myself like a cape or cloak, a useful ability I think, and was ready to sleep.
  "Miss Cole?" a nurse asked.
  "No, no more interviews tonight!" I grumbled.
  "It's not that," she said, pausing a bit. "Your parents are ready to see you."
  I took a deep sigh and tried to think about what I could say, this conversation would be the most important of my life.

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