by James S. Cole
part 4
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  Journal entry July 20
  It's been a while since I wrote in this journal. I've been busy as of late. The interview went considerably well; I believe my public face is a bit more respectable. While that is all well and good; I am more pleased with the progress of my vixen plan. While I was disappointed initially, there has been progress. My new surgeon, one Dr. Michael Lucas, proved to be most receptive to my pheromones. Adding on to facial reconstruction surgery techniques, he has managed to created a process by which a short muzzle can be constructed on a human face. While adding fur would be possible using nylon stands, I have elected to have my vixens undergo full body tattooing, already my 4 are in the early stages of this process. In addition, a technique for tail construction has met my approval. It involves long pieces of skin grown over balloons slowly inflated over a few weeks and artificial tail vertebrae. Lucas has assured me the tails will appear to sway naturally when my vixens walk and wiggle their asses. The test subject is looking well, the swelling from her surgery is already nearly gone, in addition I had Lucas perform breast augmentation on her. She already proved susceptible to my pheromones upon her capture, and audio tapes of my reinforcement speeches continue the process of reforming her mind.
  I've decided to recruit new followers from the streets, these people will be the least missed and hardest to track. I've found my pheromones also work well on canines and avians. This will prove most useful. I intend to test my pheromones on many other animals; knowing what I can and can't influence is necessary.
  I've begun the process of locating the other Changelings. I have taken a expert computer hacker into my circle; he is most adept, deciding which ones would be most advantageous to bend to my will. I am hopeful that the Changelings turned into dragons will fall under my spell, they would make powerful weapons.
  Journal entry July 25
  The surgery has reached its completion. In a few days my new follower will be brought fully into the fold. She now has a short muzzle and pointed ears, I will of course have her be the first to receive tail surgery, but for the short term her facial alterations will do. Her mind is now mine, she is now my loyal dog, I have renamed her Bitch. Liposuction and figure enhancements have given her a much better figure, and with regular exercise she will maintain that new figure. The tattooing of my vixens is proceeding slowly but steadily, already they have the signature black socks and gloves of red foxes. The major work on their coats will be a long process -- my vixens need to heal after such extensive tattooing. I have renamed my vixens as well, now they are April, May, June and July.
  My fortune continues to grow, but it is now mostly in secret. To most of the world, I appear to live on a modest income. I have posed for Penthouse now and will appear in the August issue, and I am scheduled for a public appearance in New York on August 5th for a special show by Demask. My interview with Mrs Walters airs tonight and I am excited to see how it turns out.
  Journal entry July 26
  The results of the mental conditioning are superb! Bitch is a wonderfully loyal servant. Already she has proven her sexual prowess is on par with the vixens. April has begin her surgery, I have allowed Bitch to replace her as my attendant for now.
  The interview went as well as I could expect. I was shown in a pretty neutral light, not as positive as I had hoped but acceptable. The other news agencies have begun speculation on me, a few claim I am dangerous. How right those fools are.
  A tantalizing rumor has come to my attention. Supposedly one of the Changelings was transformed into an Alien Queen, one of the ones from those Aliens movies. Speculation has it that the Aliens function purely on pheromones, which could make them very susceptible to my brainwashing. On the other hand, if they are not, the existence of such creatures could prove a threat to my own plans. Were they allowed to spread uncurtailed, they might very well take over the world, my world! I will not allow such a event to happen, even if I can only rule a single nation to mold how I see fit I refuse to allow such a threat to exist!
  Journal entry July 31
  Wonderfully, April has completed her surgery. Now that Dr. Lucas knows what he is doing the surgery went much more smoothly, and April recovered quicker than Bitch did. April's facial tattooing will begin shortly and May has been sent to undergo her facial reconstruction. Once all four of my vixens undergo the procedure, Bitch will be sent for tail surgery. Dr. Lucas has told me he will be unable to give the tails fur, but a special sleeve will suffice for the time being.
  My first recruitment drive will begin after my return from the Demask show in New York. I would prefer to display my vixens, but the models Demask will provide will have to do. They have sent me 10 wonderful new outfits for the show already, I am very excited about the prospect.
  Journal entry August 3
  The show is in two days. May will be fully recovered by the time I return, and June is already in surgery. I came to New York via a private jet, as I refuse to travel with these lower class humans. My hotel stay has proved most pleasant, though the constant hounding by reporters is getting tedious. Back home I am more or less old news, the number of reporters constantly following me is very low. I was informed that when Bitch was abducted a reporter came close to catching my security in the act -- this reporter will be dealt with on my return home. My minions back home remain fully under my influence, the brainwashing holds them to my will.
  Journal entry August 5
  The show went wonderfully. The entire show was based on transformations, all the models wore wonderful costumes that made them look like various latex creatures. Each outfit I was given had an entire group modeled like it. First I came out in my normal outfit, once on stage I was surrounded by various people dressed up like gargoyles with huge fake wings strapped to their backs. Secondly I was given a green catsuit with a pattern of vines embossed on it, and few more rubber vines wrapped around my horns, latex flowers in my hair, and a large violet rubber flower attached to the suit right between my breasts. Then I was joined by various ladies dressed in latex dryad costumes, each based on a different flower or tree. My third appearance was in a costume done entirely in crimson that covered everything but my tail, wings, finger tips, hooves and eyes. I was joined by several people dressed in multicolored suits and matching gas masks. Many other costumes came and went, one a display of insect costumes, another of space costumes. Overall the show was quite enjoyable. I look forward to my next one.
  Journal entry August 13
  My first would-be assassin appeared today. Somehow the fool slipped past my security forces and got into my room! Little did he realize Bitch was only inches from him, and would willingly take a bullet for me. Luckily for me, the fool went into some long winded religious speech about how I was the bride of Satan or some such and deserved to die. Then he made the fool mistake of asking me if I had any last words. "Drop the gun now!" I told him, and with a look of utter shock on his face he obeyed. Next I had him kneel before me and kiss my hooves. Then I decided the worm needed to die, but not by my hand or one of my guards. I had him return home and ordered him to go out tomorrow, get on the roof of a tall building and jump immediately.
  June is out of surgery and July has gone under the knife. April's facial tattooing has started and already the improvement is vast, she is shaping up to be a very pleasing vixen. Dr. Lucas assures me that the tail surgery will be ready in a few short months. This pleases me, I want my vixens to be complete as soon as possible. Once they are done, I will lure furries into my grasp with promises of making them into anthromorphic animals. Naturally all will become part of my cult, and use their own earnings to bolster my fortune.
  Journal entry August 15
  The news media is stumped by my would-be assassin's suicide attempt. Sadly, his jump ended not only his life, but that of a passer-by. It's a sad loss; that bystander had not made me angry. No evidence of my influence was found, as I ordered him to destroy all documents associated with his plan to murder me.
  My former family is attempting to contact me, apparently they want to get to know me better. I'm a bit worried, can I put up the front of James' personality for them now that my personality has changed so much from his? In truth, a part of me wants to have a 'normal' family life again. But I cannot abandon my plans, nor my followers as they continue their physical and mental transformations into what I have planned.
  Journal entry September 1
  It's been too long since my last journal entry. Much has happened since last time. My vixens' facial tattoos are nearly complete, by adding the correct colors they are looking better and better.
  A small computer game company is created an interesting game based on we Changelings. I recieved a nice amount of money in exchange for a full body scan. Apparently the game will have several Changelings as playable characters, the basic concept being a group of Changelings recruited for a government anti-terrorist task force. I was informed that I will be put in as a hidden character, and will in game have many of the powers which the blasted natural laws of this world refuse to give me!
  I have already posted several pictures of my vixens to the Internet, under a new guise. The responses are promising, several furries have replied stating they would willingly undergo such surgical procedures. I will have to cull out the weakest minded of them to add to my cult.

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part 4
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