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About Me:

I would not wish to give away too many personal details, for reasons I wouldn't like to share with you. But you can probably guess.
I am a student, living in Leeds, England. I often play internet games, mainly Quake3, Unreal Tournament and StarCraft. And I have a curious taste in music; 70s soul, funk and disco.

About this site:

This site is created with a windows program called 1st Page 2000. It is a pure HTML editor, it's completely free, and it's avaliable from And because it's programmed using my own bare fingers (and a PC) it's completely W3C HTML 4.0 compliant. So there.

I made this site with practicality in mind, so it should be easy to navigate.

Please contact me ( if you feel the need to. If there are any like-minded people who share similar interests out there then I would surely like to hear from you.

No copying my material without my consent. No unsubtantiated abuse. No plagiarism. No meddling with things that are beyond your comprehension. And please try to make this world a better place.