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My art

I'm getting better...
Computer Graphics || Hand drawn || Photomanipulations || Non-TF

Computer Graphics
I've been listening to too much disco. [Computer Graphic, 144k]
Erk! This thing's for real!
My first actual TF pic - A guy puts on a costume he rented... possibly from Spells R Us. Or not. [Computer Graphic, 41k]
What the...?
Drew this in a frenzy whilst listening to "In The Hall Of The Mountain King". Don't ask me why. Because I don't know. [Computer Graphic, 115k]
Hand Drawn
Pleased to make your aquaintance.
After a particularly squirrelish week I felt the need to be a bit silly. Plain sketch! Wahoo. See? I can draw. [Pencil Sketch, 41k]
I used to be a werewolf, but I'm alright nowwoooooooOOoooh. *dies*
Oh, please! That's just so cliché. [Pencil Sketch, 71k]
Main image from a banner/button I made for JShifter's free e-mail service. [Photomanipulation, 98k]
Do ya know what it is yet?
Do ya know what it is yet? [Ink sketch, 78k]



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