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The typical links page

No web site would be complete without a liks page, so here's mine. The pages listed here come under 2 categories: Good sites, and sites that may not be that good but belong to people, creatures or beings that I know.

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JShifter's Webring
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Aquaintance's Sites:

- The Raccoon's Den: Chloe, good lady, friend and fellow Brit on the TFnet IRC channels.
- CWTyger's homepage: Nice layout. No doubt good things to come.
- JShifter's homepage: Archive, chat and forums. Also offers free e-mail service.
- SAMammal's site: Some Anonymous Mammal. Don't ask his name. Mostly a site of stories.
- GreyWyvern: Nice page, nice links and nice person. Big site.

Media/Archive/Host Sites:

- Werekatt's site: Simply the greatest archive of transfomation media anywhere I have seen.
- TF Central: A big collection of transformation/furry sites - even with some reviews of the pages.
- TSA: Transformation Story Archive. Hasn't been updated for a while, but still contains good material.
- Transfur: The host of many a good TF website, but it can be tempremental at times.
- A more reliable, but less updated, host of TF sites.

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