Basics: Well as far as my personal statistics go I'm 32 years old 6'0" tall and weigh 132 pounds, I have brown hair, blue eyes and a beard of that comes and goes on an irregular cycle. I'm generally fairly laid back- unless my blood is boiling over some issue. Despite the fact that I get bored easily, I focus on my projects to the exclusion of almost anything else. Beyond that I have a lively (But occasionally twisted) sense of humor, a good mind for systems and a fairly good memory. I live in CT but I've been all over the country at one time or another, my favorite places to vacation are in the White Mountains and the BVI.

What I do: Currently I'm i get paid to break software for a defense contractor, as well as maintaing their website and layout their publications. I also manage to support my hobbies on money I make from freelance illustration and model building, mostly selling prints of my artwork and custom scratchbuilt wargaming vehicles...

My Interests: Anime, Ironclads, Large Scale Wargaming, Boffer Combat, Model Kits, etc... I'm all over the place, I usually swing through one topic for a few weeks with before moving on to another but I'll almost always come back to favorites again and again.

My Tastes: Well like my interests, they're all over the place I don't like most popular music and the listen to J-Rock and Bluegrass with equal interest with swings to Folk and Classic Rock on a regular basis. As far as books go I read constantly, rapidly and repeatedly, the average novel is a afternoon's reading for me, I move from Tony Hillerman to Anne McCaffery to H.P. Lovecraft. Much the same thing goes with TV where if I'm not watching A&E Mysteries or documentaries it's Babylon 5, or my Anime Collection. For a quick rundown of my favorites-

  • Music: Anime Soundtracks,Bluegrass,Folk and Celtic,Classic Rock and Arabian Belly Dance Music
  • Books: Dolphin Island, Dragonsinger, The Shockwave Rider, Heir to the Dragon, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Skinwalkers
  • TV/Movies/Video: Escaflowne, El Hazard, Babylon 5, Evangelion, Law & Order,Cadfel
  • Comics: Nausicaa, Drakkun, SIH Reality Check...
  • Games:Warhammer 40K, War Gods of Aegyptus, RIFTS

FurCode: For those interested...
FArDc3a/FHm2a A++$ C+$ Dm+ H+ M- P+ R++ T++ W Z? Sp+ RLA a+ cm++ d-- e++ f h* iwf+$ j+$ p sm#


On The Net: I can be reached at LncrAdvncd@aol.com, I subscribe to the Gremlins in the Garage, TSA-Talk mailing lists, I hang our on IRC on TFNet and Furnet, and can be found on AIM,YIM,ICQ

In RL: Below are some Conventions that hopefully I'll be at. Usually I'll be in artist's alley or the artshow. - but if that fails look around the artshows and dealer's room.


  • Gencon: The nation's biggest gaming con , I can usually be found in the artshow.
  • Anthrocon: This is my yearly dose of Furry Con, check for me in the art show and dealers room.
  • Chiller: A semi-annual modeling convention held October and April in New Jersey- I generally daytrip there to shop for kits and enter one of the best modeling contests on the east coast.
  • Games Day: Games Workshop's annual convention and Golden Demon miniature contest
  • IPMS:If there's a model contest within an hour's drive of my place I'll probably be there