Metamor Keep Characters

This universe has expanded so much that I've had to divide this into two pages!


The Cast

In alphabetical order


Species: Lightbringer Daedra

Creator: Raven Blackmane

Master of Greed and Self-Serving Ambition. Arguably the most refined and civilized of the daedra, Agemnos appears as a middle-aged man of regal bearing and distinguished appearance, often clad in the finest of royal garments. With a winning smile, an accultured demeanor and an engaging wit, Agemnos is a dealer, a manipulator. He convinces the wealthy and powerful (or those who would like to be) to use his services to get what they want.He derives his power from the self-serving actions of those who deal with him ... and from the souls of those same individuals, whom he imprisons upon the time of their physical death (thus preventing their journey to the afterlife). He most often finds customers among those who mock the idea of an immortal soul, and do not fully consider the potential cost of the power he gives them. Lightbringers have a sworn duty to free these souls when they find them -- Agemnos keeps them bound inside enchanted crystals, called soul gems, which he hides in various caches throughout the physical realm. On a broader scale, Agemnos benefits whenever injustice is done in the name of avarice or selfish ambition


Species: Lightbringer God

Creator: Raven Blackmane

Goddess of Healing and Purity, Akkala's physical form is a blonde-haired woman of radiant but mature beauty -- she projects more the image of the ultimate mother than the ultimate mate. Akkala requires those in her service to abstain from sex, drugs (including tobacco & alcohol), and the killing of any natural creature except in self-defense or defense of innocents ("natural" defined as anything not unholy, cursed or undead). She directs her acolytes to seek out and destroy creatures of darkness, and to do good whenever the opportunity presents itself. Actions of healing or purity -- or good deeds in general -- done in her name are her source of power. Aura: Rose-pink, radiant light.

Alain Blackthorne

Species: Panther

Creator: Allen Billings

Alain is a combination fighter/mage who has a mediocre usage with magic (enough to have tried to work on a shield spell during the mass change years ago) to a fair wielding of blades. Forced to run to prevent an unwanted marriage by his parents, he has dwelt at the Keep from a year before the Great Battle. Lately, he has been tracked down by his mother and fiancee, who wishes him to return for the marriage. In response, he's left the Keep, and has gone into hiding.

Andre Maugnard

Species: Wolverine

Creator: Chris Okane

Andre was and technically sitll is a minor midlands noble. He came to the Keep ten years ago, and talked his old childhood friend, Misha, into coming as well. He is a member of the Long Scouts, but labors to keep up their spupplies and provisions. He is married to Jenn, another wolverine.


Species: Lightbringer God

Creator: Raven Blackmane

Goddess of the Wilderness and the Hunt. She appears as a wandering scout, with simple and weathered leather jerkin, boots and leggings. She carries a short bow, a hunting knife, and a quiver of magical arrows whose properties are the subject of many dubious and contradictory legends. Artela has long, braided black hair, dark eyes, and skin that seems tanned by years of wandering and exposure. There is a rugged beauty about her. Artela draws energy from the wild creatures; as such, she works to prevent the desecration or waste of nature's bounty. Mercy shown toward animals is a great way to get on her good side. She draws an energy "tax" from the nymphs who inhabit the trees, streams, lakes, caves, etc.


Species: Lightbringer Daedra

Creator: Raven Blackmane

Prince of Daedra. Little is known about Ba'al, and he likes it that way. Unlike the other daedra, Ba'al rarely disguises his physical form -- a body of solid black, with glowing blue-white eyes that seem to burn like a gas flame. Ba'al extracts power from drunkenness, wild and selfish revelry, binges and orgies -- any gathering or celebration that descends into chaos and vice. Mardi Gras, if such a thing existed in the MK universe, would give Ba'al an exceedingly great amount of magical power. He also extracts an energy "tax" from the other daedra, and uses them in his bids to subvert sentient mortals to his control. His long-term goal, apparently, is to drive the gods from their place of honor and take the position of most-revered deity in the MK world.

Baron Calephas

Species: Human

Creator: Charles Matthias

Baron Garadan Calephas was the son of a minor Midlands noble who showed great promise in his early years. He was the pride and joy of his people, displaying brilliance in tactics, strategy, and in trade. However, he had a terrible secret which shocked both his people and most especially his father. Calephas commited pedastry over a hundred times: in other words, he enjoyed seducing and brutally raping young boys. He was exiled from the Midlands, and soon found his way into Nasoj's army. He is master of the port town Arabarb on the western frontier of Nasoj's realm. Recently, he oversaw a campaign in the mountains to the northwest of the Metamor Valley, but was defeated when a small band of Keepers threw his army into disarray. He escaped by turning into a bird, and has since returned to Arabarb.


Species: Human Male

Creator: Eric Vary

Astronomer and astrologer, Bradfox is a dreamer who knows in hir heart that one day, man will journey to the stars. Bradfox was changed in gender by hir stay at Metamor, and is still unable to fully accept hir transformation into a man, which is why s'he insists that special pronouns be used to acknowledge both hir present masculinity and former femininity. S'he is a crude, ill-mannered sort, but good hearted, and always comes through in a pinch.


Species: Tomcat

Creator: Charles Matthias

Lived on a nearby farm when the curses struck. Just taken on as Gregor's assistant baker.

Bryan Derksen

Species: Cobra

Creator: Bryan Derksen

Bryan has been a Keeper for a long time, before the Battle of Three Gates. Yet it was not until just recently that he was affected by Nasoj's Curse. This is because he was outside the Keep on a scouting mission at the time. Since then he had been a liason between Keep and the outside world. One year ago, he decided to stay, claiming to hate being away from his friends. He prefers to stay in a naga-esque form, with no legs, and arms small enough that he can slither with them tucked up against his body with no ill effect. He has been dubbed the court 'mad scientist', though he prefers the term 'tinkerer'. He is fascinated by machines and technological contraptions of all sorts, though he has no talent in magic. Bryan does try to be sociable, and frequents the Deaf Mule when he can.

Caroline Hardy

Species: Otter

Creator: Christian Okane

The daughter of Will Hardy. A scout at the Keep, she recently joined The Long Scouts. In love with Misha Brightleaf. Strong and independent, but very close to her father.


Species: Dragon

Creator: Cerulean

Cerulean is an actual dragon. He was hired as a defender of Metamor Keep in CR 550, long before the Battle of Three Gates. It is not uncommon for a very wealthy kingdom to retain the services of a dragon, as many dragons prefer to avoid the difficult repercussions of hunting for their sustenance, and any king worth his salt can see that the tactical advantage of a large winged sentient creature is well worth the expense of feeding one. During the Battle of Three Gates, Cerulean returned from aerial combat at the Keep just in time for the three spells. In an attempt to shield the inhabitants from the effects, he drew as much of the magic from the spells into himself as he could, not taking into account the Keep mages' defensive spells. The practical upshot of this intense cocktail of magic is that Cerulean turns partially human upon nightfall, and as such is subject to the effects of Nasoj's curse, which actually changes him into a different morphic creature at random every night. His facial features are usually somewhat recognizable on his different forms, and he can always be identified by his dark purple eyes. About a fifth of the time, his change is draconian in nature, which sort of cancels itself out and allows him to appear as a smaller anthropomorphic version of himself. He has learned to enjoy his nightly change, mostly for the opportunity to interact with human culture, which is more appealing than he had imagined. He spends the daylight hours on duty. At nightfall, one of the once-human dragons takes over his watch, and he goes into the Keep to socialize.

Charles Matthias

Species: Rat

Creator: Charles Matthias

Charles came to Metamor Keep six years ago of his own volition. Shortly thereafter he managed to get the Writer's Guild organized. He was the primary Headmaster, though he had assistance from Phil and Dr. Channing. With the goose's departure, the task fell to Habakkuk. He lives in one of the inner spires of the Keep though not in the central portion of the main castle. He calls his place the 'little hole in the wall'. While staying there, Charles follows a very regimented schedule: each morning he goes into the cellar to spend time with the five rats who refuse to show themselves much to the world. From mid-morning to the afternoon he will either be training Garigan or in planning with the other Long Scouts. In the evenings he likes to spend time with Lady Kimberly or at the Deaf Mule Inn where he takes his dinner and plays a few games of pool. After a near attack on the Duke, a brief stay in the dungeon, living as a searat on a schooner from Whales, and finally an adventure off at Glen Avery, he has joined the Long Scouts and begun his training, though with the added duty of being the 'Rat of Might'.

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Species: Bear

Creator: LoveBear

Chris is an assistant to Fox Cutter in the library. He is also often out on patrol duty, and is a very stable person to know. He rarely loses his temper, and even then, usually only after he has been drinking. He is devoted to Fox Cutter, and does not believe that there is anything horrible about his mentor. A few months back, he found himself in a fight with a foreigner and was stabbed in the back, paralysing him from the waist down. Recently though, Wanderer conspired to heal him with Raven Lightbringer, though the latter was not completely aware of the duplicity involved. The healing was a success, locking Chris in his true bear form, while Wanderer was reduced to nothing more than a wolf in mind and body. Chris now has his friend as a pet.


Species: Rabbit

Creator: Heather

Known as the Heather of Barnhardt, Clover is the betrothed of Prince Phil.


Species: Raccoon

Creator: Brian Eirik Coe

Brian Eirik Coe is the Healer at the Keep. However, his skills are almost always in constant use, and it is very hard to find him staying for one place for very long, as there are always more patients it seems. When a patient is so far gone that not even he cannot help, usually the Lightbringer is brought in to intervene on behalf of the gods.


Species: Lizard

Creator: Copernicus

Copernicus, weighing in at 300 pounds, is one of the Deaf Mule Inn regulars, spending a good portion of his time there. His exact position in the Keep is not really classified, but he is most like an attachè to the Dukedom than anything else. He prides himself on giving tours of the Keep, and on his ability at pool. Somehow, through sometimes the most crazy circumstances of fate, he always wins at both pool and darts, though he has had some real squeekers. He was the one who showed Michael around when he first arrived.


Species: Praire Dog

Creator: Christian Okane

Craig is one of the Long Scouts.

Dan D'Alimonte

Species: Grasshopper

Creator: Dan D'Alimonte

8 years ago Dan came to Metamor Keep as a junior quartermaster, but was also assigned to reserve miltary duty because of previous weapons training. Seeing the Keep's reliance of outside supply lines to provide food, Dan quitely set out to do something about it. What resulted was a large greenhouse facility that provided the Keep with an internal supply of food. During the Battle of the Three Gates, Dan was an archer at the first gate. After the battle, Dan drowned himself in his work as a quartermaster, and in keeping the just finished greenhouses operating. He tries to do as little military work as possiable, but if asked will serve. Currently Dan is recovering from injuries he recieved while on patrol - he lost one of his four arms.

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Daria hin'Leon

Species: Human Female

Creator: Raven Blackmane

Born Daren hin'Leon, Daria spent her boyhood years dreaming of being a knight. When she was transformed into a woman by the Keep's curse, she initially felt that her dream was shattered. However, after months of extensive training under the Keep's best "Amazon" warriors, Daria learned to use the special advantages and strengths of her new body to counterbalance her new weaknesses, and succeeded in defeating her arch-rival in the dueling ring. After that victory she claimed her new name for herself, and was accepted as a squire in Lord Thomas's chivalric order. She is currently training in a wide variety of knightly skills, but the chief emphasis of her education is on battlefield tactics and strategy -- Master DeMule and the other trainers believe she will make a fine field officer. She is a Squire of the Knights of the Red Stallion, and best friends with Meria.


Species: Hummingbird

Creator: Eric Vary

A lad from a distant land of high culture and low warfare, D'art joined his army as a messenger boy in order to see the world. D'art's unit was sent as part of a futile effort to conquor and civilize a section of the Giantdowns. His entire unit was wiped out, leaving only D'art alive to escape to Metamor Keep. Here, he has found employment as a keep messenger, much to the relief of the overworked Kee.

David Guardian

Species: No Change Yet

Creator: Jacob T. Fox

A bit of a true knight. Born in a distant country of Astarxia, he left to save himself from a terrible plague. His life was saved by Raven Lightbringer. He is loyal and very chivalrous. David has dedicated his life to the people of the keep and to killing Nasoj.

Devon Erthshade

Species: Coyote

Creator: Devon Erthshade

Devon is a whimsical bloke who enjoys playing tricks on many of the Keepers, especially the newcomers. Being the court jester, he makes it his duty to lighten everybody's mood, except the person he is playing the joke on.


Species: Lightbringer God

Creator: Raven Blackmane

God of Battle and War. Dokorath generally appears as a tall man in a black suit of armor, with a black cape and a silver broadsword. His face is usually obscured from view by his helmet, which most often has two rams' horns mounted on it -- the only facial features that are generally seen clearly are his eyes (which flash with glints of red from time to time) and his mouth, which is known for its exceptionally white, even teeth. Those few who have seen him unmasked tell of black hair and a swarthy complexion, but solid details are hard to come by. Dokorath draws power from battle and war which is conducted in an honorable fashion, in keeping with the unwritten laws of combat. (Keep in mind that "honor" is a flexible term in war, and even a surprise attack can be considered honorable if the cause is just.) He is said to frown on those who commit atrocities against civilians and prisoners of war -- though those who have seen him know he spends most of his time frowning anyway.


Species: Bovine

Creator: Christian Okane

Owns and operates the Deaf Mule. He is the strong, silent type, speaking only when he has to.

Dr. Channing

Species: Goose

Creator: J. Wells

Although his full name is listed in the official Keep records as 'The Reverend Doctor Johann Nathaniel Melchior Channing Friedrich Hernandez Sebastien Wells (de LaFontaine)', most everybody calls this astronomer and writer 'Dr. Channing' or 'Reverend.' Dr. Channing spends most of his time in his tower, one of the highest pinnacles at the Keep. He also spotlights as a junior meteorologist. Most of the time he is peering up into the sky, and taking notes. Being the second Headmaster of the Writer's Guild, he usually makes the time to attend the meetings. He is very stern with applicants who seek him out for admittance to the Guild. More recently he has begun a careful study of the prophecies of Mad Felix of Lee, and has fingered three people at the Keep (Duke Thomas, Phil, and Charles) as being mentioned in the closing pages. Only just recently, the goose has left the Keep without leaving behind word where he was going, or when he would be returning.

Note: This character has been withdrawn from the Metamor Keep universe at the request of his author. Please do not include him in any future works.

Duke Thomas

Species: Horse

Creator: Thomas Hassan

Duke Thomas rules Metamor Keep from both the central courtrooms and chambers of the inner castle, but aslo out on the streets as he talks with the people of the Keep. He does this on a regular basis, not every day of course, but often enough that most at the Keep know him by more than just his title. He has many assistants that shadow his movements, most notably the Prime Minister and the Steward Thalberg. However, with the Prime Minister's untimely demise, Thomas now has appointed his daughter Malisa to the position.


Species: Lightbringer God

Creator: RAven Blackmane

God of Weather. He has bronze skin, opalescent eyes, dark hair, and refined, handsome features. He draws his power from nature itself, particularly nature's rawest and deadliest forces -- volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and other violent storms, etc. Certain offerings and ceremonies by supplicants can also bring him power, and act as a substitute for the terrifying weather patterns he would otherwise unleash (and thus feed from).


Species: Child

Creator: Terry Spafford

Electra is an all purpose magician. Before Saroth came of age she was in charge of the weather spell at the keep. Teaches magic and helps new mages gain control of their powers. Born on Magdalain Island. Has a twin brother still on the island (as a healer) whom she can contact telepathically.

Father Hough

Species: Child

Creator: Charles Matthias

Father Francis Hough was a Follower Priest at the Ellcaran diocese to the south. He was the one who was sent to the Keep during Follower holidays to perform the rites for the small, but earnest Follower population at the Keep. During the Equinox-Easter festival, he spent a great deal of time talking with Duke Thomas, but nobody knows what about. After reciving a letter from Phil, he headed back towards the Keep, but was kidnapped by Lord Loriod who did unspeakable things to him. Rupert rescued him, and now he lives in the Keep as a child of about ten. The Keep herself has provided him with a chapel in which he may lead his fellow Followers in worship.

Fox Cutter

Species: Fox

Creator: Fox Cutter

Fox, as he is usually called, is the Keep librarian. He spends most of his time there, in fact, he has a little place beneath his desk where he can curl up to sleep. He is a recluse, and many rumors surrounding his arrival have surfaced. Only Charles knows the truth about his arrival. Only he knows that Fox was once a hired killer, and that he came here only to escape the justice that awaited him for killing a knight.


Species: Ferret

Creator: Charles Matthias

Raised in Glen Avery, he was orphaned during the Battle of Three Gates. Too young to join the fighting then, he zealously strove to protect his home against Nasoj's armies. Over the years, he became increasingly irritable and prone to anger and violent outburst. When Misha and Matthias arrived in early June however, his life was changed. Charles showed him ways to control his anger, and revealed that they both shared the same power. Garigan has come to live at the Keep in a room off the rat's apartments and is now training to use this magical talent.


Species: Black-backed Jackal

Creator: Christian Okane

George is the patrol master at the Keep. He draws up the assignments and schedules for all the patrols. Tough, hard bitten, nasty, an old mercenary/bandit who came to the keep to get a nice safe job for his retirement. Hated by some and feared by most, but respected by all. He is very good at his job. An old friend of Misha's.


Species: Dragonette

Creator: Kelly Eaves

Gornul, whose real name is actually a picture of a storhouse full of grain, comes from a far-off tropical island which has yet to be discovered. While highly intelligent, he is incapable of using writing or speech. Instead, he communicates by using telepathically projected images. Gornul's almost constant companion is Oren, an otter morph from the rural south.


Species: Capybara

Creator: Charles Matthias

The Keep baker. Hired by the Duke after the old baker died. He came willingly to the Keep and was very well paid.


Species: Rat

Creator: Charles Matthias

An artist who uses his teeth to sculpt as his hands are too paw-like to be of use to him.

I Want Power

Species: Human Male

Creator: I Want Power

This mysterious character showed up talking in a strange dialect, and saying strange things. He was thought to be mad, but it was soon determined that he was actually quite aware of what was about him. He has been dubbed the court mystic, though the extent of his powers is unknown. Very little is known about his history in general, though a few such as Pascal know some of it.

Jack DeMule

Species: Mule

Creator: Jack DeMule

Armorer at the Keep.


Species: Human Female

Creator: Jennifer Rose-Powell no address yet

Originally the son of the Master at Arms and the Keep witch, she is now a healer and guide for travellers outside the Keep. Her power is to feel what is around her. She cannot stand killing becuase she has to feel the death about her, though before the Battle of Three Gates she had to fight in order to appease her father. Now her father is a cocker-spaniel, and no trace of his personality remains. She has fallen in love with Malisa and the latter has recently proposed to her.


Species: Human

Creator: Charles Matthias

Jerome is a Sondeckis friend of Matthias's who is currently hiding in the Midlands. Charles and he trade messages every once in a while, using Raven as a go-between.

Jesse Roo

Species: Kangaroo

Creator: Jesse Roo

Though no one thinks that Jesse is anything but a farm boy and peasant, his family have long been keepers of a highly powerful and destructive type of magic. Like his ancestors, Jesse is fulfilling his destiny by staying in reserve until the keepers of Metamor have need of his unique abilities.


Species: Hawk

Creator: Charles Matthias

Jessica grew up at the Keep, and for many years was a student mage of Wessex's. Before the curse, she trained to be an Enchantress, but with the loss of her hands - she has wings for arms and talons for feet at her most morphic - she has focused her energies on mastering the paths of Conjuration and Divination. Also, she has taken an interest in Wessex's strange nightmares, and has also become acquainted with Weyden, one of Yonson's guards who is also becoming a hawk morph.


Species: Human Female

Creator: Deranged Kitsune

One of the keep's regular soldiers. She is one of the regulars for welcoming committees and for the patrols around the keep. A very stable individual, one who a person would want to watch their back in a fight. She is tough but fair, and usually has a strong attachment to any under her command.

Jon Sleeper

Species: Whitetail Deer

Creator: Jon Sleeper

Jon stylizes himself as an amateur Artificer; he is one who collects artifacts and treasures from civilizations long since past. He is also one of the court writers, and good friends to Coe and Bryan. His mentor, surrugate father, and treasure hunting buddy of long ago, Smithson, has recently come to the keep and has become a goat. He posses a medalion that gives him the power to become a fierce fighting creature - resembling a velociraptor, but not so named - and the transformation takes just under twenty seconds.


Species: Lightbringer God

Creator: Raven Blackmane

King of the gods, Kammoloth's appearance remains a mystery; only a few priests (all dead now) have ever seen him. His aura, which announces his presence even when he is unseen, is a warm golden light. A god of celebrations, he draws power from feasts, libations (drink offerings), and similar proceedings. He also exacts an energy "tax" of sorts from all the other gods.


Species: Skunk

Creator: Deranged Kitsune

A rather reclusinve member of the Keep, Kayla usually avoids public intereaction with the rest of the Keepers. Whether this is real or imagined is still a matter of debate. Thus she is quite satisified with the secreterial work that working in Intelligence gives her. She is currently the object of interest of Rickkter's.


Species: Coyote

Creator: KeeCoyote

Kee is a coyote morph with blonde hair and green eyes. He is rather - short about 4 feet tall. Kee spends his days running around the Keep delivering messages for other Keepers. Kee is from the farthest most of the Eastern Kingdoms. Kee once had a magic key that would let him make short cuts to different parts of the keep but gave it away when he realised he was starting to depend on it too much and Raven Lightbringer was becoming too interested in him.


Species: Lutin (Moondog Tribe)

Creator: Ryx

Kel was found by Murikeer during his quest to discover his shamanic power, and barely refrained from slaughtering the half starved skunk in the dead of winter due to one thing. Fire. The skunk could create fire from nothing, and hold it within his hand. This was magic most powerful, in the eyes of the Lutin. Thus they have forged a sort of learning friendship, with each teaching the other things of magical nature. Kel is odd for a Lutin. Taller, and with skin more a pale grey than the common puke/pine/sea green of his kin. Uncommonly bright and with a talent for magic, he stands to be a major force in the northern realms as time passes. For he can command the fire, a task no Lutin shaman has ever been known to perform. He also has knowledge of illusion, of which very very few Lutins have any understanding.

Note: This character is not for use as a major player in any story without the creator's permission and guidance.


Species: Mouse

Creator: Wanderer

Kindle is a minor magician at the Keep who was apprenticed to Posti until the Prime Minister's death.


Species: Lightbringer Daedra

Creator: Raven Blackmane

Master of Madness and Folly. A true master of transformation, Klepnos can appear as anyone and anything -- though whatever the form, his actions are mischievous, foolish, or utterly insane. His truest form is a young, thin man of medium height with tousled blond-brown hair and a closely-trimmed goatee. Klepnos is a trickster, a prankster, and a mischief-maker, and his transforming abilities can be just as easily applied anyone he happens to be in the room with. He draws power from the confusion, chaos and bewilderment of mortal beings -- but he seems most driven by his own twisted idea of "fun." He often is seen in the company of one of the other Daedra Lords, especially Suspira -- things can get very twisted when those two show up together.


Species: Nypmh

Creator: Raven Blackmane

The spirit of Metamor Keep, who within Metamor's lands has a power virtually on an equal level with the major gods. Numerous nymphs acting in concert can frustrate a more powerful deity's efforts. Kyia appears thin, delicate, virtually ghostlike, with silvery hair in a close-cropped hairstyle. Her eyes are as gray as the stones of Metamor itself.

Lady Kimberly

Species: Rat

Creator: Charles Matthias

Lady Kimberly is a recent addition to the Keep. She left the land of Brathas, a small barony to the west along the seashore, when her parents, the servants of the local baron, made an arrangement to marry her to a local lord. She hated the man, and so fled with everything she owned. She managed to hire some of the baron's men who were not fond of her husband to escort her as far as they could go. While riding through the mountains they were waylaid by a band of Lutins, and had to stop at Metamor Keep. Lady Kimberly decided to stay knowing that her husband to be would never come for her here. Becoming a rat however had been very frightening, but with the help of Matthias she has overcome some of her reservations. She has also fallen in love with him. She works as part of the general maintenance staff, cooking, cleaning, and assisting in the castle.


Species: Moose

Creator: Lance Holloway

Lance has lived at the Keep for many years, but only just recently decided to join the timbercrews. He has made friends with Michael and Lindsey.


Species: Tamarack(Larch) Tree

Creator: Dan D'Alimonte

Transformed into a tree at the battle of three gates, Laracin found himself confined to one of the courtyards between the Duke's Palace and the Lower Keep. Unable to move from his earthen bed he now spends his time pursuing an old love of philosophy and acting as an observer of the daily goings on of the Keep. Although entirely a tree by outward appearance, he still retains the ability to see, speak, and hear through some unexplained means. As a result of his physiology, he is dormant from approximately late November to mid-March.


Species: Lightbringer Daedra

Creator: Raven Blackmane

Queen of Dark Life -- old darker nature, the darkness and shadow, the undead, the cursed, and most creepy, unholy creatures. Mistress of the Hunt, Lilith is also the patron of draconians (evil black dragons), were-beasts (only those who give in to their dark, predatory nature -- not to be confused with the morphs of the Keep), vampires and other undead creatures. The woodlands that Lilith haunts are sinister places, filled with ancient gnarled trees, giant spiders and centipedes, predators who have succumbed to the lustfor human flesh, and other nasty creatures. Her forests always emanate from a magical nexus, hidden at their very center ... "A domain of evil it is," and few have survived an encounter with such a nexus. Lilith extracts a measure of the life-force of each creature within her sphere of influence; the longer one remains within the radius of the nexus' effect, the more dedicated one becomes to Lilith's service.


Species: Human Male

Creator: Charles Matthias

Lindsey is a very big man, with a great red beard, and a fondness for ale. He works on the timber crews, and is a friend to both Zhypar and Michael, the latter of which he has taken as a sort of protogè. His family lives a few hours south of Arabarb.


Species: Mink

Creator: Ryx

Once a farmer, Joy "Llyn" Wanderer was called up during the last, pitched battle of the Gates, ending up within the influence of his spells. Once a scarred, overmuscled and homely human, she embraced her change, and found that she preferred the sword to the plowshare, and entered the ranks of Metamor's soldiery as soon as order was restored following Nasoj's defeat. As a mink she lost the scars she had gained duing a childhood illness, as well as her poor physical appearance, gaining the exotic, nimble form of an animal. Serving with the main host of Metamor's soldiery for several years after the battle, she switched over to the Long Scouts two years past when it was apparent they were short of manpower. Llyn is passably fair with a shortsword, her chosen weapon, and skilled with the bow. These skills, however, are not outstanding... they are required to be a good soldier or Scout. She's also a keen tracker, and comfortable with the wildlands around her. In her off time she's a collector of rare minerals, and an ameteur geologist. She has also begun surveying the valleys around Metamor for needed mineral deposits, but as yet has come up empty.

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