Metamor Keep Characters

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Agemnos to Llyn | Lord Brian Avery to Zhypar Habakkuk


The Cast

In alphabetical order

Lord Brian Avery

Species: Grey Squirrel

Creator: Charles Matthias

Lord Avery watches over the small village town of Glen Avery from high atop his treehouse with his wife, Angela, and two sons, Christopher and Darien. His father was killed when Nasoj marched over the town seven years ago before reaching Metamor itself. Most everybody in the Glen is a fur because the rest were killed or wounded too seriously to return. They have taken to living beneath the ground in caves or burrows. All of Brian's family are squirrels, an oddity of the curse affecting his children since birth. Lord Avery rules over his people fairly, and treats them as equals in all ways. Recently, he fought in battle himself when Baron Calephas tried to make an assualt. This small hamlet has since found peace once again.

Lord Loriod Deceased

Species: Human Male

Creator: Charles Matthias

Before the curse, Altera Loriod was the wife of the original Lord Alvarez Loriod. Her husband became a bird, and presumably died while drunkenly trying to fly from his balcony. Altera originated from the Pyralian Kingdoms south of the Midlands, and for a long time was one of the leading voices among the nobles for curtailing frivolous expenditures and to eliminate the taxes upon nobility. However, his lust for power brought him to the attention of some very bad people, and they convinced him to engage in traitorous acts. Eventually, his would-be helpers killed him after Loriod had fouled up their plans. The Loriod estate is now under Phil's guidance, and has been renamed Lorland.


Species: Human

Creator: Charles Matthias

Lothar is the new head Eccesia priest for the Ellcaran diocese. He is also a good friend of Father Hough.



Creator: LoveBear


Species: Donkey

Creator: Phil Geusz

Macaban was the head of Lord Loriod's household, making sure that the fiefdom was run according to his liege's wishes. Now, with Loriod's death, this equine, angered at his manipulation, is trying to pay back the people for how they were treated and is working with Prince Phil to oversee Lorland judiciously and equitably.


Species: Mechanical Fox

Creator: Chris Okane

Madog is an automaton, a mechanical creation. He was crafted to resemble a giant red fox. He weighs 300 pounds and is the size of a large dog. His exact age and creator is unknown but he is suspected to have been created by a Suielman emperor over 2000 years ago. Madog was found a twisted rusted wreck and was restored by Misha, Jon, and Smithson. They believed it to be nothing more than a complex mechanism. But Madog is somehow more than that. He is free willed being with a soul. Exactly what has happened to him in the past is unknown. The sole clue is a minor nobleman is known to have owned Madog around 350 CR. Madog's exact abilities are still unknown but he is very powerful and could easily defeat any one person at the keep in combat. He has an almost childlike personality; curious, energetic, light-hearted, and friendly.


Species: Red Fox

Creator: Magus T. Fox

The most powerful mage at Metamor Keep.

Note: Magus has asked that nobody use his character for the time being


Species: Human Female

Creator: M. S. Reeve-Powell

Semi-adopted daughter of Thomas. Orphaned in a lutin attack but too young then to really remember much of it. Grew to adulthood under the tutelage of Thomas, became a powerful wizard and fought in the battle of Three Gates. Transformed from Matthew to Malisa. Nickname is Mal. Now acts in Thomas's stead when he is busy. Engaged to Jenn. WAs just recently appointed the new Prime Minister.

Mark Van Sciver

Species: Toddler

Creator: Mark Van Sciver no address yet

Mark is a regular of the Deaf Mule. Court diplomat who spends a lot of time away from the Keep on business. Calls Copernicus 'lizard lips' while Copernicus calls Mark 'Pampers'. He was away from the Keep for about two months in negotiations at the Chateau Marzac. With the arrival of the ambassador Yonson, it has been rumored that Mark is now dead, though nobody knows for sure.

Meria hin'Dana


Creator: Raven Blackmane

Merai is the first new cleric to be admitted into the Metamor Chapter of the Lothanasi since the Battle of the Three Gates. She performs many of the regular sacrifices, healings, blessings and rituals conducted by the Order, and generally helps to keep things running smoothly at the temple. She is Raven hin'Elric's confidante, apprentice, and right-hand aide. A number of very strange things have happened in Merai's vicinity since she was first accepted as an initiate of the Lightbringer Order. Gods and daedra alike seem to be taking an inordinate interest in her, though she does not yet understand why. The truth is that Merai is the subject of a prophecy given 450 years before her birth, and a great deal more strange and amazing things will happen around her before all is said and done.


Species: Beaver

Creator: Copernicus

Michael lived with his family until plague took them each one by one. Michael then left home and set off for adventure up in the north. His party was attacked by Lutins, but rescued by the Keepers. He was too injured to leave though, so had no choice but to stay at the Keep. After a startling whirlwind tour by Copernicus, he began to slowly settle into life at the Keep. His change was coming slowly, but during the festival, it came quickly and only stopped a few days later. He is beginning to work for the timber crew, and is still quite unexperienced. He has also become infatuated with Pascal, who has permanently changed his fur colors to red and black plaid. Michael was not happy about this and it caused both he and their relationship problems. However, over time, he has grown used to it, and even in a way, proud of his form.

Misha Brightleaf

Species: Red Fox

Creator: Chris Okane

Misha is thought to be a bit mad by many at the Keep. They consider him an axe-wielding maniac. The axe they are refering to is a great weapon of immense power that Misha wields deftly to the detriment of his foes; he cuts off an ear of any Lutin he kills and keeps it on a loop of metal as a momento. He is also a very good mechanic, having fixed the music box that Charles had bought for Lady Kimberly for the Equinox-Easter festival. He is good friends with Will Hardy - the Keep's Jeweler - and his daughter Caroline, an otter who won the accuracy portion of the archery tournament at the festival. Misha is a special scout for the Keep, and most of his adventures take him deep into the Northlands.


Species: Dragonette

Creator: Eric Vary

His real name is a picture of a mighty oak tree. Mitok is an elder from the island of the Dragonettes, and the father of Gornul. After his boy turned up missing for several weeks, Mitok did his best to find and retrieve him, eventually discovering him firmly ensconced at the keep. Mitok is a commanding but compoassionate soul.

Mong Ho

Species: Hen

Creator: Eric Vary

From Os-Var-Khai, Mong-Ho arrived already wearing the form of a rooster. The curse of Metamor, however, has turned him into a brilliantly plumed hen. Mong-Ho is a skilled practitioner of magic, as well as a skilled user of contact weaponry. Mong Ho is known throughout the keep for her extremely violent temper.

Murikeer Khannas

Species: Skunk

Creator: Ryx

A skunk of a most jaded stripe. Hunted by humans from the day of his change, he fears and loaths them, so for many years refused to go to Metamor Keep (little did he know what the keep was *really* like). Not a tall fellow, nor overly muscular, but built well enough to survive in the hostile forests of the northland. A mage of minor note, he had just recieved his journeyman status when his change came upon him. He was in a southern kingdom at the time (having been unaffected during his stay during the battle of the three gates since he was only a child), and those of that kingdom thought him a beast or demon, and placed a bounty on his head. Commonly he can be found wearing nothing more than a bandoleer of odds and ends, and weilding, of all things, a pickaxe for a weapon.


Species: White-tailed Fox

Creator: Charles Matthias

Nahum is one of the brighter authors at the Keep, but he tends to do himself in from carelessness. He is brash, a bit impatient, but still friendly to most. He arrived at the Keep a few years back as most do, waylaid travelers who were attacked by the Lutins.


Species: Lightbringer Daedra

Creator: Raven Blackmane

Mistress of Dreams, Nightmares, and Evil Omens. She appears in a variety of forms, but the most common is a young woman with dark hair and a cool, dour expression. She dresses severely, usually in color combinations of blue and white, and is accompanied by a crow that rides on her shoulder. Nocturna is tasked with bringing oracles of doom to those for whom the gods and daedra have foreseen great sorrow, tribulation or destruction. She is the least "evil" of any of the Daedra Lords, and is on better terms with the gods than the others because of her neutrality. Some regions of the Midlands even have regular ceremonies for Nocturna, hoping she will bless them with pleasant and restful sleep and keep her omens for less faithful mortals.


Species: Lightbringer Daedra

Creator: Raven Blackmane

Mistress of Ice and the Void, she appears as a young woman with pale blue-white skin and long, light blue hair. Said to rule the vacuum of space itself, she is generally surrounded by a field of frost -- water vapor in the atmosphere, frozen instantly by contact with her aura. She drains energy, in the form of heat, from everything around her; cold, wintry weather surrounds her (even in summer), as the very radiant energy of the sun is drawn into her body. During the winter months, nature itself is at her command. Most of her contact with mortals stems from ceremonies and rituals to buy her off, providing her with magical energy as a substitute to keep her icy touch from the region in question..


Species: Otter

Creator: Eric Vary

After drinking from a magic polluted lake Oren was changed into an otter morph. Exiled from his village he headed north eventually finding his was to Metamor Keep. What effect the Keeps magic will have on him is impossible to say. Has a small dragon Gornul as a companion.


Species: Porcupine

Creator: Pascal Q. Porcupine

Pascal is the head alchemist at Metamor, renowned for changing scales into gold when Copernicus argued with her too much. Still, quick to forgive. Creator of Morphing ring. Odd fascination with a substance known as 'latex'. She is in the center of a small triangle between Scratch and Michael for her affections.


Species: Rabbit

Creator: Phil Geusz

Phil has many different jobs at the Keep. He is the third member of the Headmasters of the Writer's Guild, and as such has duties as a scribe. He also is covertly the base of operations for the information network that Duke Thomas needs to keep abreast of Lutin news and poltiical intrigue in his own domain. Phil is also the sole person in the Keep with the knowledge to make Greek Fire. He is also the heir to the throne of the Isle of Whales.

Note: Phil has specifically asked that his character not be used without his permission and that it not be given a major role in any story.

Prime Minister Bob Deceased

Species: Horse

Creator: Copernicus

Called Posti by some, he was the Prime Minister of Metamor Keep. Unlike Thalberg, Posti had no actual powers within the Keep. However, in external affairs, his word was the law, unless countermanded by Duke Thomas. He tended to shadow the Duke, and while decently respected by most, he prefered to work behind the scenes to keep the Keep at full strength. Already quite old, Posti died in CR706 under strange circumstances.


Species: Åelf

Creator: Charles Matthias

Qan-af-årael is the oldest living being in the Åelfwood, and has correspondence with somebody from the Keep.


Species: Dragonette

Creator: Eric Vary

Brother of Gornul, son of Mitok. Qualin is a dragon of loyalty, as he demonstrated by waiting faithfully for his father's return home instead of going with his friends to assist in the war effort on Khumar.


Species: Snake

Creator: Zach

Quiz is a court messenger and part-time therapist. Her condition is singularly perplexing as she is the sole individual in the Keep who was caught by two spells at once. She can take any form between full human woman and full snake. Though she normally chooses something snake like towards the human end. The more human she is the more exaggerated her figure becomes.

Raven Lightbringer

Species: Wolf

Creator: Raven Blackmane

Raven is the high priestess of Metamor Keep. She is a member of the order of clerics known as the Lothanasi, an Old Tongue title that translates as "Lightbringers". The position of Lothanas (female form Lothanasa), or High Priestess, is a hereditary one, which passed down to Raven when her father Elric, the previous Lothanas, was killed at the Battle of Three Gates. Also among the casualties were her mother, two brothers and a sister, all clerics of the Lothanasi. Raven, the youngest and least experienced of the family, was thus left to lead the Order in these troubled times. Raven is sometimes referred to by outsiders as "Raven Lightbringer", as if the title were a family name. This is not entirely accurate, and the proper form of address is "the Lightbringer". Her main function is as an intermediary between the spiritual and the physical -- in essence, a divine lobbyist.


Species: Lightbringer Daedra

Creator: Raven Blackmane

Master of Rage and Death, Revonos appears as a tall, strong, muscular man with swarthy skin, dark hair and eyes, and black clothing. He carries a black adamantium sword with a golden skull on the pommel, and often wears a necklace of animal bones. Whereas Dokorath encourages honorable battle, Revonos stirs up treachery and mindless violence -- his mere presence in a room, however inconspicuous he has made himself, causes tempers to flare hotter than usual. He will also appear frequently as a Black Rider: clad in black armor adorned with skulls, wielding a sickle, and riding a huge black war-horse with glowing red eyes. His power comes from murder, bloodlust, treachery, dishonorable conduct in battle, atrocities against civilians and POW's, and the shedding of innocent blood. Revonos uses enchanted black eagles as his spies and messengers, which has led to a saying among the Lightbringers: "Where the black eagle circles, the eyes of Death watch."


Species: Raccoon

Creator: Deranged Kitsune

Jokingly calls himself the Keeps resident homicidal genius. Rickkter is skilled as a Warrior/mage with some knowledge in alchemy and the scholarly study of ancient magic. Both his knowledge and current attitude have made many of the Keepers wary of him, though a few have chosen to call him friend. His origin is south-eastern, and he is a self professed ex-mercenary & bounty hunter. His attitude is often one of mild arrogance, excpet when he is in good company or casual surroundings. He loves a good match, and will never backdown from a fight unless he know there is no way to win. Rickkter is currently trying to decide what to do with the rest of his life, now that his days of adventure and travel are behind him.


Species: Great Ape

Creator: Phil Geusz

Rupert was one of Whales's best Naval officers before a crippling disease threatened his life. HE took and chance, and came to Metamor Keep, where he has been rendered a mute ape. He now serves as Prince Phil's personal servant.


Species: Lightbringer God

Creator: Raven Blackmane

God of Prophecy and Light. Appears as a wise-looking man, often somewhat aged, with gray-white hair and a beard. He wears a silvery white robe, and has piercing blue eyes, which occasionally flash and glitter with emotion. He draws power from ceremonies which are believed to induce visions.


Species: Bronze Dragon

Creator: Terry Spafford

Saroth is the Keep's Weather Dragon, keeping abreast of any storms that may come into the area and warning the others. His mentor is a girl named Electra, who was the Weather Mage before him. Due to his tampering with the spells cast upon the Keep by Nasoj he can no longer speak but is forced to use telepathy.


Species: Tiger at first -- now Dragon

Creator: Scratch N Post

Scratch is the only son of Julian Saunders, the world's most infamous and feared thief. After his father died, Scratch was raised by the Thieves Guild. They trained him to become the perfect assassin and thief, making him utilize every muscle in his body as a weapon along with his mind. Scratch had a powerful, ancient spell cast upon him, that freed his shadow from his body. After loosing a battle with his shadow Scratch was found by the Keepers, and taken into the Keep where he remained unconscious for nearly five months. Since he was healed by the Lightbringer, he has to pay a price. Scratch must spend five years of his life under the service of Akalla, if he breaks any of the terms he shall die. He is currently infatuated with Pascal, but cannot tell her of his love for fear it will not be requited. Things have taken a strange turn for him though, begin possessed by Sivikian, and the consequent fight with Saroth have led him to the point that he is now a full dragon.

Picture Available


Species: Golden Eagle

Creator: Terry Spafford

Sean is a young golden eagle morph from the Magdalene Islands. He has excellent magic sight, better then anyone at the Keep. If it is magic, he can see it, and usually make out any details of the spell. He is also a magic amplifier, able to amplify the power of existing spells, though he can not cast magic spells on his own. He is close friends with Saroth and Electra.


Species: Leopard

Creator: Chris Okane

Sindia is the personal scribe of Duke Thomas

Sir Brian Archer Hamilton Brightleaf

Species: Human

Creator: Chris Okane

Sir Brian Brightleaf is the brother of Misha Brightleaf. He is considered by many to be one of the top ten most powerful mages in the world. Yet even he was unable to break the curses that Nasoj weaved about Metamor, instead turning his brother temporarily into a foxtaur like creature.

Sir Saulius

Species: Rat

Creator: Charles Matthias

A knight, considered the finest swordsman at the Keep. He has trouble fully accepting his change to a rat and hides in the cellars in shame. Suffers from bouts of madness but is starting to over come this and come out of the cellar more and more. He is going to participate in the Jousting tournament at the Summer Solstice festival.


Species: Goat

Creator: Jon Sleeper

Smithson is an artificer of considerable talent, and was also Jon's teacher before retiring to live his life at the Keep with his former student.

Steward Thalberg

Species: Alligator

Creator: Charles Matthias

Thalberg is the Steward at Metamor Keep. The position has run in his family for as long as the Dukedom has been around. He takes his job very seriously, and often times a bit too meticulously. He is very hard to deal with, and lords over the running of the maintenance and appearance of the Keep with a tight grip. Only on Duke Thomas's word can an order given by Thalberg be changed. Though he has no magical capaibilites, he exerts his influence through force of personality and presence. He is respected by most around the Keep, though he is generally not liked by those who do not know him well.


Species: Lightbringer Daedra

Creator: Raven Blackmane

Mistress of Lust. Suspira most often appears as a seductive, voluptuous woman possessing whatever features her target finds most attractive. Revealing and/or "kinky" outfits are practically a must (she has a particular taste for red leather). Often carries a bullwhip. Suspira draws power from any casual, inconsiderate or selfish sexual act; this includes one-night stands, orgies, rape, bestiality, and any sexual union in which one partner benefits at the expense of the other. Suspira takes particular pleasure in seducing mortals herself; the measure of energy she extracts from her partners can be dangerously (even lethally) high..


Species: Lightbringer Daedra

Creator: Raven Blackmane

Master of Sickness and Pestilence. Tallakath's "truest" physical form is as a tall, emaciated man with pale skin and a dour expression, dressed in a dark brown robe. He draws power from the suffering mortals experience when sick or diseased.


Species: Rat

Creator: Charles Matthias

Tallis is one of the eight rats that live in the Keep itself. He is also the only other rat that does not live in the cellar. He is a member of the Writer's Guild, and in fact, his story won first place at the festival. He is hooded black with white underbelly, and he has a small curl in his fur at the top of his head. Sometimes he doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut, and it gets him into trouble. Also, he is presently one of the Head Master's of the Writer's Guild.


Species: Bull

Creator: Charles Matthias

Tathom is the head of the Timber crews. Imposing befoer the change, his minotaur like frame commands respect. He treats his men fairly, though he expects much from each of them.

The Wizard Nasoj

Species: Human Male

Creator: Copernicus

Nasoj and his minions of Lutins have for years been trying to destroy Metamor Keep. It is one of the few things left standing between him and the Midlands. In the Battle of Three Gates, his forces were thrown back, but not after he managed to cast a powerful spell with supernatural aid. The spell bifurcated into three forms. The first turned the recipient into an animal; the second switched the person's gender, and made that person a sex slave to anybody of the opposite sex; the third turned the victim into a toddler, of no more than three. However, counter spells have helped people return to at least some semblance of humanity. The residual effect of the place is known as Nasoj's Curse. Nasoj's present location is undetermeind, as are his exact plans. He is out there though, waiting to strike at Metamor Keep again.

Note: If you would like to use this character, it is necessary that you run your plans by Christian Okane first.


Species: Deer Mouse (Were-form) / Kestrel (Metamor Curse)

Creator: Dan D'Alimonte

Topo was a natural shapeshifter before arriving at Metamor Keep, a were-creature that was mouse by day and 'morph at night. While secretly visiting the Keep to deliver a message for the Duke of Carreas, he fell under Nasoj's Curse. The resulting combination of the two magics affected only his morphic form, replacing his fur with the feathers and coloration of a Kestrel. As well, when in his morphic form, he can also shift into a full Kestrel. After an incident in Carreas in which his true form was revealed, Topo went into voluntary exile and returned to Metamor Keep until the time that he can return home.


Species: Red Fox

Creator: Chris Okane

Varnal was a mage and one of Nasoj's chief lietnants until he attempted to change Misha by reinforcing the original curse.. That backfired when he tangled with Misha's brother and he wound up with the body of a red fox. He still has his mind though. Sentenced by Thomas to spend 3 years locked up as punishment.


Species: Lightbringer God

Creator: Raven Blackmane

Goddess of Beauty and Love. Velena appears as a gorgeous young woman, though the specifics of her appearance vary depending on who is observing her. She draws power from acts of love done in her name, including sexual relations between two truly devoted and loving individuals. Another important act of love is self-sacrifice to save another, which is a tremendous source of power for Velena.


Species: Wolf

Creator: Wanderer

The court poet, he is known widely for his lyricism and his good natured recitals. At the moment though, his mind is that of a pure wolf, as is his body, a punishment for lying to Akkala in exchange for restoring Chris's legs to him. He is now Chris's pet until he can be given his intelligence back.

Wasoko Desuka

Species: Panda

Creator: Eric Vary

One of the three individuals from Os-Var-Khai, Desuka is Duke Hassan's self-appointed vallet, much to Thomas' chagrin. Having already become a panda-morph in his homeland, Desuka has been partially transformed into a lesser panda, though not visibly. He changes completely into a lesser panda when frightened or enraged.

Will Hardy

Species: Badger

Creator: Chris Okane

This badger morph is The Duke's official jeweler. Now sixty years old he arrived at Metamor Keep twenty five years ago. Considered to be one of the finest jewelers, his products command a high price. He is in business with Misha Brightleaf producing clocks. Misha makes the innards and Will produces the cases.


Species: Child

Creator: Charles Matthias

This boy is one of the most powerful wizards at the Keep. He specializes in the magic of the enemy. At present, he is being plagued by strange nightmares which tend to feature Matthias and Zagrosek torturing him.


Species: Hawk

Creator: Charles Matthias

Weyden is one of Yonson's guards, though he says he has never been to the Chateau. He has become friends with Jessica who is helping him adjust to life as a hawk.


Species: Lightbringer God

Creator: Raven Blackmane

God of the seas. Somewhat similar in appearance to Samekkh, Wvelkim's hair and beard are a deep blue-gray, his robes a midnight blue. His beard and hair are wild and unkempt, where Samekkh's are well-groomed. He carries a golden trident, which stirs the waves and tides to his bidding. Sea creatures, such as dolphins and sharks, flock to his command like the wild forest animals that follow Artela -- and similar to Artela, he draws his power from the creatures and forces of the seas. A wide variety of ceremonies for Wvelkim are acted out in the numerous port cities of the Midlands, but the Lightbringer Order has not closely examined which of these practices are most effective in placating the sea lord.


Species: Lightbringer God

Creator: Raven Blackmane

Goddess of Fire and the Sun. Reportedly one of the most spectacular beings to see in person, she appears as a young woman with flaming red hair and golden skin. Her eyes glow yellow-white, and her body is usually encased in a blazing ball of fire. Yajiit is almost never known to actually touch the ground -- anything she touches bursts into flames -- and she flies and hovers at will as if gravity were merely a local ordinance that had no jurisdiction over her. She leaves a tail of fire behind her when she flies, giving her the appearance of a shooting star or comet at long range. She draws power from burnt sacrifices.


Species: Komodo Dragon Youth

Creator: Eric Vary

A Komodo dragon morph from Os-Var-Khai, Ye is rather ancient. That is, he was ancient until he turned into a little reptilian boy. Now, his wise and calm manner simply seem to annoy his "elders". Ye is an accomplished scientist, and serves the Duke in this capacity.


Species: Ring-tailed Lemur

Creator: Charles Matthias

Yonson is an oddity in the Keep. He is an ambassador from a foreign land who is willingly staying at Metamor. He arrived the day before the Summer Solstice, and immediately caused a bit of a stir. Duke Thomas was delighted since this was the first diplomatic envoy he had seen in seven years. Wessex was enthusiastic because this was a mage from the Southlands who could answer his many questions on foreign magics. Yet, Matthias was only filled with fear, because Yonson hails from the Chateau Marzac. According to legend, the Chateau is a place of unholy evil, but according to Father Hough it has recently been exorcised. Wessex has found no traces of evil magics or ill intent in his magical studies so far, and Yonson himself seems quite a genial fellow.


Species: Human

Creator: Charles Matthias

Krenek Zagrosek is the name of the mysterious mage who was controlling Loriod and incited him to open rebellion. In the course of that fiasco, he killed a student of Wessex's and earned the child wizard's undying hatred. Wessex has forced Charles into admitting that Zagrosek was once a friend of his. Nothing else is known about this man who destroyed an entire tower in his escape.

Zhypar Habakkuk

Species: Kangaroo

Creator: Charles Matthias

Zhypar Habakkuk is only one of two kangaroos at the Keep. He is a member of the Writer's Guild, and is still doing research for a story that he started over three years ago, shortly after arriving at the Keep, but never finished. Charles keeps bugging him to get it done, but he always comes up with a list of excuses. Habakkuk is known to enjoy entering contests that make use of his fighting skills. He still holds the title of the semi-annual Writer's Guild free-form fighting contest. He now takes over Matthias's place as the main Headmaster's of the Writer's Guild.

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