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7/12/08: Well, at least it's not been more than a year since my last update. I've not really done much with the site these days, but I do hope to upload a couple new stories soon. At present I've made the usual updates to my Books page and the Links page. I've removed a ton of links I no longer used nor cared to sponsor, and I've taken down a couple banners on the main page that I felt were no longer appropriate. Anyway, let's hope I canupdate a little more timely next time!

9/28/07: Okay, been over a year since I posted an update. It's long overdue, and I have a few goodies this time. The obligatory updates have been made to the Books page and the Links page. In addition, I have three new stories to share! Two of them are old stories I decided to dredge up again, and the third is more recent. They are:

9/8/06: Whew! It's been a while since I've posted an update. And sadly, not much to report. I updated the Books page as well as the Links page. I also added the story Conflict's Reason to the main page. That's it for now.

10/11/05: Small update this time. I've made a lot of small corrections to the text of my Winter Assault stories. And I added the Southern Midlands category to my Characters Page. I also added a few more Musical Reviews. That's all. More next time!

10/1/05: At long last I more stories to my webpage. I've added one story to the main page, and one more Metamor Keep story. I've also added another Metamor Keep picture, this one by Terrifel, featuring Duke Thomas and Dame Alberta! The new story I've added is A Long-Forgotten Madness. And the new Metamor Keep story is the finale to my fourth cycle, Lineaments of Coming Night. I also updated the Books page.

One of the big bits of news is that I won the 2004 Ursa Major Award for Best Furry Novel for my story Never Again a Man. Needless to say, I'm honoured and thrilled at this accolade.

8/17/05: Small update this time. With my new job and new home, I've not had much time to tend to this place. All I've done is update the Books and Links pages.

4/5/05: No new stories this time, but there is quite a bit of other material that has been updated. First, I've added a few more CD reviews. I wish that I had the time to tend to that page more, but it takes so long to do any review, that it is a bit prohibitive. I will continue to add a few here and there for every update I think. Naturally, I have also updated my links page, though I have not gone through to check for broken links in a while. I should really do that at my next update.

The big news is that I have gonw through and actually updated almost all of the resource material for Metamor Keep. This is the first time in roughly five years that this has happened, so it was long over due. Also, Ian Williams finished a picture of Egland and Intoran that I had commissioned from him! The picture takes place at the end of Lots. Do visit Ian's site: iCheetah's Art Spot.

2/22/05: I have a few things to show for my second update of 2005. I've added a new story to the main page, Silent Bells. This story was written for Raven's Fourth 1000 Words Contest. The rest of the changes are slight. The usual updates to Books and Musical Reviews, as well as one to the Links page.

1/1/05: Happy New Year! And a big new addition to the webpage this time. I have begun a Metamor Keep Characters Catalog! Instead of just one big list, I have it organized by location and affiliation. While there are still a lot of empty holes, it is going to be far easier to update and keep current. I hope that everyone finds it helpful! No other changes to the site at this time.

12/10/04: Last update of the year. I made a few changes to my Links page, just cleaning out a couple old ones and adding a few new ones. I added one more Book to my reading list for the year. I have also added a few more Musical Reviews. Lastly, as promised, I did add two more Metamor Keep stories: "Lots" and "Looking South".

10/12/04: Two months, and not much new to go on the webpage. No new stories this time, though there will be more of that soon. I added a couple books and at least eight new links. Plus, I've finally gone and updated my personal ramblings, adding a new picture for each of my two other forms.

08/13/04: Well, a real update this time! Not only have I added some books and another link for the links page, but I've also brought up to date the links on the Metamor Keep Contents page. Lastly, I have added four new stories in Metamor Keep:

06/08/04: As before, with my efforts so intent on the job search, there is really very little new here. I've added a few links and a few more books, and I've made a slight change to one of my stories (kudos if you can figure out which one). That's all.

03/23/04: I have been focussing most of my energies on the job search, so there's only a few cosmetic changes to the website this time. First, I've updated the links page, adding a few things here and there, deleting a few old links that didn't work anymore and so forth. I've added a few more books to the books read page as well. My front page has alse been changed slightly to reflect the fact that I no longer maintain a discussion group. No new stories at this time, but I promise I'll have some next update.

01/31/04: Due to the intensity of effort involved in completing my Doctorate (which I successfully did this last December), I have not has as much time to dedicate to my webpage, or my creative activities as I would have liked. Nevertheless, I have enought new material to warrant an update now. So what's new?

There are several new musical reviews for the labels Deutsche Grammophon and EMI. I have also updated the list of books I've read. My links page has also seen some touch ups, with a few broken links deleted or fixed, and a few new links added. I have only added on story this time, in Metamor Keep I have added the story Night Amongst Whispers which is one of my best stories period. That's all for now!

08/02/03: It has been a while since I've updated, and I honestly haven't done too much. I have added the review of Alistair Hinton's String Quintet, which can be found on the Altarus page. The Links page has been updated, though mostly I corrected a few dead links. Lastly, I have added two new Metamor Keep stroies:

04/10/03: I've actually gone and added some more reviews to my Music Reviews page. There are seven new reviews for EMI. I've also started a page to track what books I've read. I may add reviews for them as well at some point. I have also added another story to the Metamor Keep page, Out From Metamor.

03/20/03: First off, I have added this new "What's New" Page to my website, so that people can check back to see when I've made updates. Given the rather infrequent nature of updates, this may prove very useful to those who check back on my site every now and then. In addition, there have been a few cosmetic changes to my website, but nothing anybody but me would notice. The most tangible alterations comes in the form of four new Metamor Keep stories to the site:

03/07/03: I added several new artist and comic links to my links page. I've also gone through and updated a few sites, cleaned out some dead ones, and generally made it easier to navigate through.

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