Lent '96 - Session 8

8. The Calendar

---         THE CALENDAR          ---
---           (?.2.96)            ---

Adrift at sea, with some food but little water, we rowed our lifeboat
westward, in the vague hope that we were back in the North Atlantic (on
the right planet, in the right universe, etc.) Our parlous water situation
led to one of the more memorable/infamous remarks of the campaign,
involving a novel use for the humble funnel... 

At length a metal hemisphere, some metres in diameter, was spied away to
the south. We rowed over to it, and soon discovered a hatch a little below
the waterline. Upon investigation, we found the interior only partially
flooded, and it became clear that we had come across the wreck of a ship
or marine base of some kind, tilted at almost 90 degrees to the plane of
the deck.
Whatever disaster had befallen the vessel, if vessel it were, was only a
few days old, for uniformed corpses were found floating about, bearing an
unfamiliar insignia, something like this: 

       |   |
        --- ---
           |   |

We searched at some length for fresh water aboard, but without success. 
Our search did however reveal a sea-chart which was of some use to us 
(indicating land not far to the south). But another shock beyond the 
dead men was in store for us, in the unlikely form of a simple calendar - 
bearing the date 1946, more than two decades in our own future.

With troubled hearts we set off once more in our lifeboat, and soon came 
upon the shore the sea-charts had shown: an idyllic tropical isle, ringed 
in white sand...
 {Thanks to Marcus Ogden for this write up}


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