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Having an interest in the classical period, I have managed to get various people to run, and be involved in, a historical campaign set in 360BC.  The rules used are WARRIOR for the land combat, and TRIREME for the naval combat.  I chose to pay Athens (which includes central Greece and Thessaly).

Sadly, the campaign could have gone better.  I made an overture to Macedon, which was rejected.  So I made an agreement with Sparta to invade Macedon.  Of course, on the field of battle the Spartans betrayed me and switched to the Macedonian side.  That summer I tried to send my fleet to destroy the Spartan fleet, but with the aid of the Carthaginians, the Spartan fleet was larger.  And, due to various tiny mistakes (a galley rams at an angle, and blocks the channel between two islands so that another trireme can't enter the growing boarding action) and my usual abysmal die rolls, the entire Athenian Navy was destroyed, with 60.1% of it captured by the Spartans.  The same turn, the combined Macedonian/Spartan invasion of Athenian territory destroyed the remaining Athenian forces in land combat, due to a tiny little understandable error that screwed me three turns later, and the usual abysmal die rolls.  It didn't help that I was outnumbered 2000 to 1050...  So I've surrendered to Sparta (better under the rulership of fellow Hellenes than Barbarians!)

Anyway, here are various pictures of some of the games.  Some of the games involve myself, other games involve other players only.

For those who are interested, complete rules, up to date army sizes, and a history of who's been squashing who, can be found on the campaign page.

Home Historicals

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