-After the Earth is Destroyed
-Of Brains and Bodies
-Asteroid Ship Stories
-Agrippa Campaign
-Centaur Empire
- Diary of a Centaur in a Human's World
-A History of the Future
-Planck's Gate
-Space Cadet
-Tales from the Blind Pig - INTRODUCTION
-Tales from the Blind Pig - AUTHOR
-Tales from the Blind Pig - CHRONOLOGICAL
-Tales of the World
-Winds of Change
-Links, Rings, and Mailing Lists
-Writing School
-Other Other Stuff :)


I've been interested in Historical Miniatures for the majority of my live (close to 30 years now) and have been putting together a number of things that are of interest to the historical miniature community.  Most of these are painting guides and advice of various sorts, but other things that I have will be here to.

Sorry that there are no stories, but there's still a lot of interesting reading!


Hoplite Shield Designs During the period I was in university (1984-1988) I sketched a large number of historical based Classical Greek Hoplite shield designs for the hoplite army I knew I would paint some day.  Here are scans of the various designs I drew for your amusement and use.
360BC Historical Campaign These are pictures of various battles set in a historical miniatures campaign I am involved in.  Sadly, I have not met with much success.
Historical Terrain These are pictures, and construction notes, for some of the terrain I have for use in historical battles.

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