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Here I am going to put pictures of some of the terrain I have built/am building for use with historicals.  I will try to include in progress pictures, but no promises.

After many attempts, I have finally made what I consider a proper historical tree.  It looks good, and it is NOT a teeny bush.  The main trunk is from Forgeworld but is sadly no longer available.  The branches are plastic railroad tree sprues (plastic with metal wire inside so can pose) with bits of green sponge (available from railroad hobby stories for the purpose of building trees).  The plastic trunks were glued to the main trunk, pinned, and the joint was blended together with sculpted green stuff.  The trunkds were added AFTER the leaves were glued on.

And yes, those two itty bitty artillery pieces are 25mm scale figures on 60mm x 60mm bases (artillery from Old Glory with lots of scratchbuilt bits, crew from Old Glory, Corvus, and Essex).

Home Historicals

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