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Hoplite Shield Designs
by Michael Bard
Michael Bard -- all rights reserved

In the 25 or so years I spent preparing to paint my Classical Greek Hoplite army, I sketched various shields for reference when I DID paint them.  For your amusement, enjoyment, and hopefully as an aid if you are painting a Hoplite army, are the shields I drew.  Note that these were drawn in pencil with drafting tools and/or freehand on paper (they were NOT traced or photocopied) about 25 years ago and were intended as visual aids to painting, not perfect works of art in and of themselves.  Some of the originals with multiples of a non-simple component had only one drawn and the rest very roughly sketched -- these have, by and large, been fixed by copying and pasting within the graphics.  A couple have alternates available from rotations and these have been made by rotating the scan of the original image.  Colours can be whatever you choose.  Remember that the vertical and horizontal line on every shield were drawn for reference in sketching the designs -- they are NOT part of the designs.

There are 277 designs.

Below are from The Shield Devices of the Greeks in Art and Literature by G.H. Chase.  Note that this volume contained only verbal descriptions -- i.e. "Balls (two) and crescent".  These are my interpretation of their visual appearance -- these have NOT been cross-referenced with actual classical sources.
Below are from the WRG publication Armies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars
Below are from the WRG publication Armies of the Greek and Persian Wars
Below are from the Osprey publication Elite: The Ancient Greeks
Below are from the Osprey publication Men at Arms: The Greek and Persian Wars
Below are designs I either created from my own, or drew from a variety of non-historical sources
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