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Going Home
by Michael Bard
Michael Bard -- all rights reserved

Across the farms and the towns
Across the land and the sky
All the humans just halted
Their doing and their planning

Slowly and without anger
They turned and went to the sea
Each man, woman and child
By car, by train and by foot

As each arrived they calmly
Undressed and put all aside
And strode out in the water
As the waves shushed and rolled in

Then each and all of them stood
Collapsed into the blue sea
Like old clothing discarded
And tossed into the garbage

One day the fish got homesick
Those that lived upon the land
So one day they all choose to
Go home to the deep blue sea

For what is the human form
But a spacesuit for a fish?
Something to keep them alive
In the cruel and harsh dry air


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