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Here are various odds and ends that don't fit anywhere else, and aren't of enough similarity to group into their own category.  Consider it the last storage box where everything goes that doesn't fit with anything else.


Going Home (March 2006) (3k) Another bit of poetry inspired by a quote from an article in Wikipedia (I believe that's where it was, anyway).
The Nikon Project Recently I was asked if I could create and paint a 30mm fantasy figure of a Raccoon mage.  Here are the results of the project.  Warning: Lots of pictures!
Ode to vi (1993) (5k) Whilst learning vi on UNIX I started writing a prose piece about vi.  I had had some bad experiences with it back in university trying to post to newsgroups via vi.  From those, this bit of prose that gradually transformed into verse, resulted.  Sadly, if you don't know how the UNIX vi editor works, you probably won't get it.
Imperial Fists Project - The Army Recently I've started consolidating all the lose Space Marine bits floating around and making them into an army.  Being a masochist, I've chosen to paint them bright yellow.
Imperial Fists Project - The Terrain To go along with the army, I've made some dedicated terrain to match the colour scheme.
The Wild (Mar 2006) (2k) A bit of poetry that sprouted out one day.

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