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The Imperial Fists Project
by Michael Bard
Michael Bard -- all rights reserved   Imperial Fists, Space Marines, Figures, Images, Icons, every thing else remotely applicable, are all copyright Games Workshop

Recently I've started consolidating all the odd bits of left over Space Marines floating around and am building and painting them up into a full Imperial Fists army.  Pictures of the various squads and figures are below.

The first commander for the forces.  The body is a Space Wolves Sergeant's body with some of the icons removed.  The jump pack is plastic.
The 3rd Squad of the 3rd Company.  This was painted first, with the Plasma Cannon figure as the "proof of concept" for the painting method.
The Scout Squad.  Most figures started out as the comparatively useless close combat scouts with scratch-built sniper rifles built off of the Bolt Pistols
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