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Okay, I was watching boot camp today when I had the greatest idea for a list story. (and to Oren - good fodder for TCW comics). It's something like a furry survivor; each competitor comes in human and lives in a biodome-like enclosure. Inside, they have challenges and such, etc. etc. (I'm sure you've all seen survivor). Every week, a member is voted to have a TF done to them. Three strikes and you're out (Lower torso, upper torso, size) and become one of the critters of the 'dome. Basically, you don't exist as a speaking character anymore.

So, how do we manage this? We have one Master of Ceremonies (I nominate myself and Phil, but we'll leave it up to vote) who monitors the stories posted for logical flow (M.C. has veto power; he can say certain events never happened if they don't fit into the flow) and writes a daily challenge story. He then uses the contestant's stories as a basis for the voting process.

And how does everyone work in? Write or co-write a survivor story (Dialouge between two contestants, a daily routine, argument, etc); depending on the number of strikes you have, this could be furry or non. It would be creative, but it would have to stick to the plot as a whole: I.E. No "mystery scientists" throwing together a miracle cure, no secret magical abilities, etc.

And to the winner? Everyone on this list is so different, I honestly don't know what reward would please everybody. You're all crazy, I tell you! :-)

Somebody (maybe me, maybe someone with very little life and lots of HTML knowledge) would post all the stories in their logical order, making a diary that everyone involved could link to. Then we'd have one twisted survivor story!

Of course, this may have to either wait until I'm done with Dystopia or someone picks up the idea and becomes the M.C. Any way, I will be involved in this story either as a contestant or as the master.

But I'd love to hear input on the idea, like who would be interested in becoming a contestant, whether or not Oren would write it in on TCW (I think it would rock), et al. Well, enjoy playing with this idea!

Home Survifur

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