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Back in 2001, an individual on the TSA-talk list known as "Sly Squirrel" proposed the idea of a kind of writing contest based on Survivor.  Each writer would create a "team" and would write stories about that team's achievements within a Survivor like competition.  Stories would be voted upon on the TSA-talk list, and the story with the least votes would be "voted off".  To add spice to it, the competition changed to involve transformations, and anthropomorphics, and came to be called "SURVIFUR".

Note: This is Sly's name, not mine.  The pun is entirely his responsibility.

Quentin Long had never seen Survivor, but I'd seen enough to know what could be done with it, so I conned him into being my partner in writing our team.  We decided to go for a non-holds bared nasty team that would bend the rules as far as they could be bent, and then some.

Sadly, thought a couple people started writing, it never really caught on with anybody else.  Quentin and I wrote almost a complete saga, but got sidetracked from finishing.  We have an outline, and hopefully it'll be finished someday, but no promises.

Enjoy what has been written!

Note: All of the stories are by Michael Bard and Quentin Long except as noted.

Formatting Note: In all cases, text bracketed by "//" are descriptions of what the camera sees as the shot changes.


Initial Proposal (5k) The is Sly Rabbit's initial e-mail floating the idea for Survifur
Audition Tapes (May 2001) (15k) (Sly Rabbit) Concerned by a lack of committed participation as the contest began, Quentin and I wrote a fictional commercial that shows scenes and creates the audition tapes provided by the members of our tribe.
Initial Setup (4k) (Sly Rabbit) This is Sly Rabbit's e-mail to initiate the writing.  Sadly, either there never was an explicit First Tribal Council, or it no longer exists...
Introductions (May 2001) (35k) The Harlem tribe is introduced to each other and introduced into the BIODOME, site of the 5th Survifur.  They set up camp, start feeling each other out, and start plotting...
The First Round (June 2001) (58k) One of the environments inside the BIODOME is "Manhattan", an urban setting.  For the first challenge, all the tribes get to go downtown and party.  As though Harlem could ever party!
Second Tribal Council (June 2001) (18k) (Michael Bard only) As Sly was absent, I volunteered to count the votes for the first round and setup the second.  When the results were totaled I wrote this little bit of fiction to explain what happened and to announce the next challenge.
The Second Round (June 2001) (57k) This time it's a Scavenger Hunt.  Come morning, and NOT before, each tribe will go into a Forest environment to scavenge for goodies.  Sadly, Harlem is not one to stay out of where they're not wanted, and they're DEFINITELY one to lay their own traps for the unwary.
The Third Round Part 1 (July 2001) (84k) Given the lack of participation, the final round was a mass race through all the biomes in the dome, each team having to get a tag from an objective in each biome.  As the other writers are fading fast, Harlem goes off on its own and the internal scheming begins.  And, Harlem suffers its first casualty!
The Third Round Part 2 (Aug 2001) (85k) It's no longer a game, now it's war!  Harlem fractures and may or may not suffer its second casualty!  Read and find out who may be TFed into oblivion, and who plots against whom!

WARNING: There is a scene of explicit sex and violence in this part.  It is integral to the plot, but be warned.  Younger readers should beware.

Copyright 2002-2005 Michael Bard.  Please send any comments to him at