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The survifur series will begin Memorial Day! If you want to join, write your introduction story by the Memorial Day deadline.

So you're probably wondering, "Okay, intro story. To WHAT?" I didn't want to put too many restrictions on the contest, so here's the breakdown.

Each person has a "tribe" of four furs of your choosing. Want to partner up? Fine by me. Your tribe still has four people, though.

This story takes place in the Dystopia universe, mainly because I like the gritty realistic feel. Accordingly, there is no magic or shapeshifting (sorry Cubist). There will be TF traps, though... but that's later.

The setting: imagine a biosphere the size of New York. The seven natural biomes take up a large percentage of the area, but numerous man-made environments take up a portion of the sphere. What those man-made environments contain is, at the time, very flexible. No mansions or Utopias, though.

What to include in the intro story - Tell us about your characters. What are they like? What are their strengths/weaknesses? Where is your camp?

The stories will eventually be graded on entertainment value, so it may be advantageous to include some conflict and weakness in your own tribe.

These intro stories will not be voted upon. It is assumed that all traps and rewards are shut down for a "grace period." When I read all the entries (mainly to get a picture of what the sphere looks like), Tribal Master Sly Squirrel will call a mass tribal council to explain what is going on in the Biosphere.

All conflicts in content will be sorted out by me for this round, but after that a vote will take place. I hope things go smoothly, though.

One last thing: I am writing a sequel to Dystopia (cheers of elation). Since this takes place in the Dystopia universe, it will become a "hit show" in the sequel. I will refrence survifur characters in casual conversation in the story. Just advance warning to participants.

Well, good luck to all participating writers!

Home Survifur

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