The Vessel:

The Vessel is a figure in the Last Prophecy of Zhypar Habakkuk. According to the prophecy, the Vessel will serve as the mortal host for the resurrection of the dark wizard Nasoj, when he returns to threaten the whole world with destruction in his quest for godhood.

Standing in opposition to Nasoj in the prophecy is The Key, a person descended from all of the great heroes who worked to bring about Nasoj's downfall almost 1300 years before. There are many individuals who have the potential to become The Key, though virtually all of them are unaware of their heritage. The Vessel carries this heritage, as well, but is doomed to become tainted by darkness and eventually succumb to the dark wizard's possession. Thus, from a large pool of candidates, two individuals will arise -- one on the side of good, the other in service to evil -- and will face each other in a battle that will decide the fate of the entire world.

Author's Note: As of this writing I have not yet designed the character that will become the Vessel. It is my hope that this character will begin as one of many viewpoint characters used by authors in the MK2K setting, an individual who has no more idea of his fate than Kate has of hers. Over time, it will be this character's choices -- and perhaps a stroke of bad luck or two -- that will lead him to succumb to evil and embrace his role as the Vessel. My goal is that he will be a well-developed character, with both strengths and flaws, before he becomes known as a villain; this will make for better storytelling and, hopefully, a more interesting and exciting tale for our readers.