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Sailor Moon *^-^*@

The Anime Transformation Archive (ATFA) -- The ATFA is a great archive for anime-style TF art, though it hasn't been updated in a while. *pokes Jason* ;)
Otaku World -- Like its name implies, this site is a great one for otaku, and even those who know little or nothing about anime can benefit from this site. (Note: OtakuWorld has changed to a subscription-based site for all of its downloadables)
Fanfiction.net -- Fanfiction story site. Anime, cartoons, games, tv, movies, books, and crossovers.
Full Episode Anime Video Links -- Provides links to sites which feature full episodes of various anime series. The intent is to build up interest in a series, so that commercial ventures will pick it up.
AnimeLyrics.com -- The successor to Sailor Bacon's Anime Song Lyrics HQ. Has anime, video game, and J-Pop lyrics.
Elizabeth's Anime Page -- Not alot of info, but she does have some good pics of various Anime series on her site.