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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor MUX -- Sailor Moon MUX
DK's Sailor Moon Games Page -- Sailor Moon games.
Kaze to Kaiyo -- Haruka and Michiru shrine, as well as home to a SM by-email RPG.
Lyric Moon -- Sailor Moon song lyrics repository.
Meatball Head Moon Page -- Sailor Moon info page. Character descriptions and details, as well as many other reference materials.
Mixx Gear website -- Sailor Moon Pocket Mixx -- Translated Sailor Moon manga, available for order.
MoonPoint -- A site that hosts other Sailor Moon sites, like the aformentioned MUX, as well as a Sailor Moon email mailing list.
Save Our Sailors (SOS) Campaign Headquarters -- Save Our Sailors (SOS), a must visit site for anyone into Sailor Moon. News of what's happening on the Sailor Moon scene in North America, and a few news stories from elsewhere in the world.
The Compleat Sailor Moon CD List -- A complete listing of all Japanese Sailor Moon CDs, along with links to the lyrics at Lyric Moon (link above for Lyric Moon).
Fanfiction.net -- Fanfiction story site. Anime, cartoons, games, tv, movies, books, and crossovers.
OtakuX--Sailor Moon Manga -- Fan translations of the Sailor Moon manga.
Sailormoon Illustration Corridor
Sailor Bacon's Anime Song Lyrics Headquarters -- Lots of lyrics for Sailor Moon, as well as many other Anime series, and even some J-Pop.
The Real Origins of the Sailor Starlights -- This is not fan fiction. This is Naoko-sama's actual history of the Starlights, from a published interview with her.
Elizabeth's Anime Page -- She says on her website that her mom will make SM halloween costumes, for a price. :)