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Great work Enguego

Episode submitted by ThePro on Wed Feb 2 13:18:59 2011
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I love your expansion on the Paige McMillan thread. It's rare to see someone that's tg'd that long yet still wants their original life. It's interesting, because it's long enough for natural personality alteration to have occurred, but none of the all to common hamfisted "Oh but I'm a girl forever now, time to wear pink and giggle about boys" twenty minutes after they're transformed. The flash forward two years also helps the whole process along. Otherwise the thread would be ten times longer and much harder to write.

Can't wait to see poor Paige trying to be Jon, even as she's unaware that even if she gets back now she's not the person she was. And having been at least to an extent McMillanized, it should be very interesting to see her try to get Karyn to trust her. Paige's thought processes have already shifted quite a bit, and she may alienate her only friend purely by accident.

Of course all that is assuming she doesn't get distracted by cheerleading and fashion and loses track of her goal of being Jon again.


Poor Paige



To enfuego

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