Mundementia One

This one might require some explanation.

The piece of work known as "Mundementia One" began life as we know it as an absurd little idea that wormed its way into my brain while perusing the sublimely silly newsgroup "", members of which first took a relatively innocuous prosimian from Madagascar and created what is perhaps the strangest single mythos for an individual species of African wildlife that I have, personally, ever seen. Click HERE to peruse their Usenet FAQ. While this idea was still percolating in my brain, I purchased out of curiosity Steve Jackson's equally silly GURPS:IOU and quickly realized that, despite the fact that my chances of ever actually participating in a Role-Playing campaign in this setting were next to nil, I could still jolly well write something rather similar and get the same fix. With these two ideas firmly in place, a cast of characters promptly showed up, and, well, the rest is history, or rather would be if this work was complete, which it is, as yet, not.

Many thanks to the wonderful people of the Transformation Story Archive Mailing List for being lampooned so frequently in this work and, remarkably, putting up with it. If you're curious about some of the seeming in-jokes in the work to follow, a perusal of the TRANSFORMATION STORY ARCHIVE is probably in order.

Last note: This work, in all likelihood, contains evidence of strong language and relatively adult situations and implications. No lifeguards on duty. Swim at your own risk.

Recent Updates

07/31/05: Book Three, Part Three
04/15/06: Book Three, Part Four
07/06/06: Book Three, Part Five

Core Works

Book One: The Book of the Matriculation

* See "For the Truly Obsessed", below.

Book Two: The Book of Going Forth

Book Three: The Book of Complication  (unfinished)

Holiday Interludes

The Christmas Interlude

Black Friday: The Thanksgiving Interlude


For the Truly Obsessed

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