by Husky Raznaspoenik
part 2
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chapter 2: on air

  "Hello, Susan Parker speaking", a raspy woman's voice came trough the phone. I held the receiver half a meter away from my ear, either she was talking very loud, or my ears were a bit too sensitive for the noises that phones use to make.
  "Ehhmm... you are speaking with... ehh... someone, I think I have some information about the wolf-morph that was on the news half an hour ago." The woman sighed out loudly, and answered with a sulky voice: "Sure. I believe you're only the 100th person or so who called in the last half-hour. I know you're just some youngster who is calling with some friends, are you gonna 'scare' me by growling or doing something that vaguely resembles howling? Don't bother!"
  I interrupted the woman: "No... no... wait... I really know the wolf-morph, he's... umm... very close to me..." I couldn't possibly tell her who I really was.
  The woman responded, just a little less sulky than a few moments ago, but still irritated: "All right, you have to come with some good proof before I even could think of the option that you're talking the truth."
  I started to think what I could possibly say to proof that I was right. "I... uhm... yes... I think I... umm..."
  Liz couldn't stand it anymore and grabbed the phone out of my paws: "Hi! This is Elizabeth speaking, the wolf-morph you are searching for is standing right next to me. His name is Husky Raznaspoeknik, he lives at the Martin Luther Kingstreet number 15, his phone number is 3632642, he ordered two margherita pizzas and he wore a blue sweater, black jeans and brown shoes yesterday."
  I couldn't believe what I was hearing: "Liz! Fuck... what the hell do you think you're doing?"
  She responded to me with a totally innocent look on her face: "You decided to make yourself known to the world, didn't you?" I was totally speechless.
  There came a soft voice from the phone: "Hi, still there?"
  Liz handed the thing over to me again: "Yeah... uh... I'm still here."
  "The information that woman just gave me was correct with what we learned from the pizza guy. My colleagues are still a bit uncertain, but I believe you! We'll come over to interview you in fifteen minutes. You'd better get ready!" Before I could say anything the other end was dead.
  I turned my head towards Liz: "Thank you very much Liz..."
  Liz was looking scared at me: "God, I don't think I ever saw a wolf looking so angry..."
  I felt anger rise inside me , and combined with my predator instincts I walked towards Liz, almost attacking her. But I managed to control my emotions and ventilated my fury on a nearby vase, which fell into a hundred pieces of shattered glass.
  Liz let out a sigh of relief.
  "Sorry Liz, I didn't really mean to... I just... I guess my instincts took over for a moment."
  Liz looked me straight in the eyes again: "Sorry, it is all my fault. I shouldn't be so direct. I'm sorry, I'm..."
  I put a paw on her shoulder: "It's good you did it Liz, without you I would never admit the truth. Trust me, it was the best thing you could do. Thank you."
  Liz seemed surprised: "Ehh, don't mention it."

* * *

  The doorbell rang. I was still in the kitchen, the door closed so no one could see me. I heard Liz walking towards the door and opening it. I could hear all the things that happened at the door very clear, I heard some greetings and handshaking taking place before that one question that I expected came: "Where is he?" I heard Liz guiding the woman and another person to the kitchen. The doorknob slowly turned and a woman in her late forties and a younger, bald man with a camera entered the room. The woman let out a short shriek before commanding her cameraman: "Jason, get that thing rolling."
  She walked towards me, with that same look Liz had when she first saw me transformed. "You're... real... It's true what that kid told us. God, this is the biggest story of the century."
  I grabbed a chair and asked her to sit down. "Well", I said with a grin on my muzzle, "shall we start the interview?"
  "Ehh... Sure," she mumbled.
  The interviewer sat down on the chair, uncomfortably fiddling with a ring on her finger. She did probably not know how well developed my hearing was, because I could hear her mumbling to herself: "I'm a professional. Don't leave the impression you can't handle this. You can handle anything Susan!" I chuckled, while Liz was wondering what I was laughing about.
  "Alright Jason, is the camera rolling?"
  "Yes ma'am," the man responded.
  Susan looked into the camera, picked up her microphone and started to talk: "This is Susan Parker for NOS News. Right here beside me is the mysterious werewolf that everybody is talking about. We have an exclusive interview with him. So, it's nice to meet you Mr..."
  HR: "Husky. Husky Raznaspoeknik. Don't try to write down my surname, I can't remember anyone ever doing it correctly."
  A light smile appeared on the face of the interviewer.
  SP: "To the viewers home: this isn't fake. The person you see here is real, he is not some kind of special effect, a guy in a costume or whatever"
  I smiled to myself now, with the thought that I was indeed not a guy in a costume. Far from that.
  SP: "So, Mr. Raznaspoeknik. How did you..."
  HR: "Please, don't call me Mr. Raznaspoeknik. 'Husky' will be fine."
  SP: "Alright, Husky. Have you always been like this and do you transform every night or so, or did you just recently encounter this problem?"
  HR: "I'm not a werewolf, in the sense that I don't change at certain times. I'm, as far as I know, 'stuck' in this form."
  SP: "How did you change yourself?"
  HR: "I did not change myself. I just changed. Who or what caused my transformation is still a big mystery to me."
  SP: "We have heard reports all over the world of people who have been transformed, mainly in the United States. There has to be a connection..."
  HR: "I think there is a connection. I am on the Internet, and I'm subscribed to a mailing list called the 'Transformation Story Archive List', which is a sort of forum where people discuss about transformations and exchange stories. When I checked my e-mail after my transformation it was flooded with messages from people on the list, describing that they had been transformed."
  SP: "There seem to be many different kinds of transformations. Wolves, lions, foxes and even mythical creatures like centaurs and dragons. Why are there so many different...'species'?"
  HR: "I guess that it has to do with the feelings that we have. I have always felt a sort of 'bond' with wolves. I think that we have transformed in what we wanted."
  Susan shortly closed her eyes.
  SP: "You say you actually wanted to be a wolf?"
  HR: "Sort of, yeah. I can't really describe why, I just feel that way."
  SP: "So you now have what you wished for?"
  HR: "Yes!"
  SP: "I can imagine that you feel very happy now."
  HR: "I feel extremely happy. It is kinda weird though. I lived my whole life as a human, and now I'm this totally different... being."
  I suddenly felt a lump in my throat. Realising what I said was the truth. I would never be able to return to my old human form again. I had realised that before, but for some reason, this time it felt more like reality than ever before. I felt tears coming to my eyes but I didn't want to start crying on national television, so I pulled myself together to sit out the rest of the interview. Susan didn't seem to notice it, but Liz looked anxious. I guess she was better at reading emotions from a wolf face.
  SP: "Did you encounter any problems with your new form?"
  HR: "Some things, my tail being the major one. It's easy to forget about that thing, it tends to become stuck in the most unusual places. My muzzle can also be a problem sometimes, particularly with drinking liquids. My greatest problems, however, aren't physical, more mentally."
  SP: "Yes?"
  HR: "As I said, changing into something completely different is an experience that is quite... intensive. Another thing is that I have the feeling that I did not only change physically into a wolf."
  SP: "You have a wolf mind?"
  HR: "Sometimes I feel like I have a wolf's mind, yes. My instincts have changed a lot, I really feel that I'm a carnivore now."
  SP: "So, you are gonna eat me now?" she said, rather scared.
  I laughed out loud, which sounded very weird again. I didn't know if it really came over as a laugh on Susan and the cameraman. Liz though, got a slight smile on her face.
  HR: "No, no. I still have control over what I do. Besides, humans are not natural enemies for wolves." I was almost thinking that I felt a lot better until another question struck me completely:
  SP: "So, what are your plans for the future?"
  I felt the lump in my throat again, it was very hard this time to control my feelings. With all the mental power I still had left I managed to give an answer.
  HR: "I don't know. I believe that your time is up."
  Susan Parker looked rather surprised at her watch: "Oh? Well, all right."
  The cameraman shut off his camera and started to gather all the equipment. Susan shook my paw, having a strange, comforting look on her face. "Thank you for the interview, Husky. We'll be airing this night at 6 o'clock."
  Liz showed them the way out, and returned to the kitchen.
  "Liz, I need some time for myself. I still have to call some friends and family, I think it would be better that I call them before they see me on television. If you need me, I'll be upstairs."
  "Sure, Husky," she responded.
  I walked upstairs and got to my bedroom. I picked up the phone and dialed my mom. God, this was going to be a difficult call.

part 2
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