by Husky Raznaspoenik
part 5
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chapter 5: security

  "Aah... It's good to be back home again," I grabbed a tail-friendly chair from the kitchen and slipped into it. "How long has it been?" I asked my mother.
  "You were here last Friday, Husky, you tend to have a faint memory."
  I chuckled, trying to hide my teeth this time, so my brother wouldn't get another heart attack.
  I looked at my watch; it was a quarter before eleven. "Barend & Van Dorp" were on, my favourite talkshow. I grabbed the remote, and pushed the on-button with one of my claws. I saw the familiar faces of the two men, they were having a vivid discussion with a woman who was outside the camera's view. Her voice seemed very familiar to me, when the camera switched views to this woman I let out a short shriek.
  What the hell? What was she doing in a talkshow? My mother heard my short shriek and she ran over the telly. "Husky! That's Liz! What is she --" I put a paw over her mouth, I didn't want to miss a second of this show..
  Barend was talking , asking Liz a question: "So. You are a friend of this wolfman?"
  I saw Liz having a bit of an offensive face: "His name is not Wolfman. It's Husky." The camera turned to Barend again.
  Barend: "You were with him during the transformation?"
  Liz: "Yes. I heard him screaming down the stairs, I was shocked when I saw he was growing fur everywhere and his face... It was so weird. Every single part of his body was twisting and shaking."
  Barend: "What were your first thoughts when you see this all happen?"
  Liz: "I don't know. I had such an unreal feeling inside of me. I was thinking I was in a dream or something. I couldn't believe it was all actually happening."
  Barend: "Were you frightened of him?"
  Liz: "That was my first reaction to him. I was thinking something along the lines of: 'Oh my god. He's going to eat me now'. But that was only for a few seconds. When he could speak again I realised he was still the same person inside and that he wasn't some kind of monster."
  Barend: "How did he react to the transformation himself?"
  Liz: "At first, it was like a dream come true for him. He told me later that he had some sort of a special bond with wolves. That he fantasised about being a wolf and such. But later on, he got depressed and paranoid, he was afraid that the rest of the world was coming to chase him or something. And then the next moment he was very happy again, I couldn't keep up with it. It was very confusing to me."
  Barend: "So, what did you do?"
  Liz: "I went away. I told him that I couldn't keep up with his mood swings, that it was all going too fast for me. I don't know how he's doing now. I feel very guilty about leaving him, but I'm afraid that he is so angry of me that he doesn't want to see me anymore..."
  That was enough for me. The way she described her emotions on TV was very honest. I could understand now why she walked away. I wanted to forgive her. I grabbed the phone and dialled the studio. After some conversation and convicting the operator I finally got through to the studio. I saw that someone on the television whispered something in Van Dorp's ear.
  Van Dorp: "It seems that we have this Husky on the phone right now. He says he wants to speak to Liz."
  I talked in the phone but all I heard on the screen was some high freaking noise. I heard someone talking trhough the phone that I should switch off the sound on my television. So I did.
  "Liz, can you hear me? It's Husky!"
  I saw Liz turning her head around on the screen, almost if she was wondering if I was somewhere behind the screens.
  "Hi Husky! I'm so sorry. I should have called you earlier but I..."
  "I heard it all, Liz. I forgive you."
  At that moment I heard Van Dorp's voice in the phone and I saw him talking on the screen:
  "Husky, what would you think about coming over to the studio and talking a little bit more about yourself?"
  I was very eager to appear on my favourite talkshow, but something in the back of my mind warned me. I didn't want to become some sort of public figure right now. I knew that was going to happen anyway, but I wasn't ready for it. Not yet.
  "Sorry, maybe at a later time. Liz, it has been good to talk to you again. Goodbye."
  And with that I hang up the phone. I felt so tired and decided to move to bed.
  I kissed my mom goodbye and tapped my father on his shoulder, and I walked upstairs to my old bedroom.

* * *

  25 January 2001, 7:00
  I woke up early the next morning, I couldn't catch sleep again so I decided to move downstairs and make myself some breakfast.
  I was surprised to see that my mother had been quite thoughtful, because she had bought some raw meat for me.
  Eating the tasty chicken I was thinking of yesterday's events. I had been very relieved that Liz regretted all the things that happened. It was very nice to talk to her again, telling her that I wasn't mad at her. I let my thoughts wander, but then I realised something was missing from my daily morning ritual...
  Oh yes, of course, the newspaper. I grabbed 'de Volkskrant' from the mailbox. It had been a few days since I had read a newspaper. Usually I just skimmed the headlines and only read the things that really interested me, this time however I was interested by the complete front-page of the paper, because of the huge close-up of my canine head it featured.
  I looked closely at the picture. It was weird seeing myself 'from the outside'. Of course, I had been looking at myself in the mirror, but for some reason this was different. I wondered when the photograph had been taken. It wasn't a video-capture from the interview I had with Susan Parker, so when could that picture been made?
  It became clear to me when I looked at the photographer: Henk van der Meyden, the national tabloid king. Sigh, I almost forgot about that guy. Why can't some people retire just a little earlier than the rest of society?
  I browsed trough the rest of the paper; there wasn't much else about myself. Some small articles on the 'Foreign Country' page about some other morphs in the rest of the world, a few interviews with scientist blathering on the exciting new possibilities the transformations could have and some letters. I was lucky that my parents had a subscription to 'de Volkskrant' which was a fairly civilised paper, because it didn't publish any blatantly stupid letters that only were critisizing people without any valid arguments.
  While I was reading a letter about someone who was pointing out the implications the transformations could have on social life I felt a hand on my shoulder. I quickly turned around, growling and showing my bare teeth.
  It was just my mother.
  "Ah. Sorry Mom, my predator instincts you know."
  My mother first looked a bit confused but then she returned to reality: "Husky, there is something on the radio, you should hear it"
  I turned on the radio and heard the voice of the news-reader:
  "In the Hague, the Second Chamber has debated until 5 in the morning about the legal status of the so called 'morphs'. Minister Kok organised a press conference this morning."
  I heard the voice of the Prime Minister through the radio: "After a long debate yesterday we have decided to give the transformed beings in this country the temporary legal status of citizen until there are international or European laws."
  I let out a loud sigh of relief; at least I wasn't to be thrown into prison for being a morph.
  "We do encourage any morphs to make themselves known to the government. That would make things a lot easier for the registration service."
  "Over to other news of the day. In the UK, Minister Peter Mandelson has --" I turned off the radio.
  "Did you hear that mom? I'm a citizen again!" My mother had a happy look on her face, knowing that her son was now legal again.
  "It's great, Husky. There is another problem now however. You have to make yourself known at the registration service in the town hall. That means that you have to get on the street again."
  "Ahh... yes. I hadn't thought of that before. It looks like I'm not going to hide myself after all."
  "This would have happened anyway, Husky, if it wasn't today it would be tomorrow."
  I placed my paw on my mother's hand.
  "You're right, Mom. I'd better get ready."
  I moved upstairs to the shower, already thinking what the look on the face of the registrar would be when he saw a bipedal wolf at his counter.

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