Thomas X:

Full Name: Thomas the Tenth, of the House of Hassan
Species: Avatar of Metamor and Theriomorph (horse)

Allegiance: Metamor City (mayor)
Religion: Universalist
Social Status: 6 (salary M250,000/yr.)

Age: 81 as of 4/13/1999
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Chestnut brown coat, with darker brown mane
Height: 193 cm (6'4")

Physical Notes: Powerful, muscular physique. Morphic form is based on the template of a Shire horse. Rarely takes human form, but when he does his hair is dark brown and his skin is a deep tan.

Behavioral Notes: Think Superman. Slow to anger, but terrifying when his anger is aroused; noble, gentle, and full of faith in the inherent goodness of mortal-kind. Strives to encourage his citizens to do good and be the best they can be, rather than depending on the Immortals to solve all their problems.

Supernatural Abilities: Standard powers for one of Kyia's avatars, including proxy spells with a wide variety of effects (though he avoids using anything deadly whenever possible). Supernatural flight -- again, think Superman, though nowhere near as fast. Extremely strong, and immune to most physical and magical attacks.


Thomas X -- officially "Thomas the Tenth", but pronounced "Thomas Ex" by Street-rats and most Keepers under 30 -- is the current mayor of Metamor City and one of the more recent Avatars to be appointed by Majestrix Kyia. Part statesman, part figurehead, part superhero, Thomas is the public face of Metamor to the world. As the chief executive for a region with approximately 22 million inhabitants, Thomas is responsible for more lives than the rulers of most countries -- and indeed, his position grants him recognition and authority roughly on par with that of many heads of state.

Thomas was just 32 years old when Kyia recruited him to become the next Avatar of Metamor, back in the summer of 1950. It was a difficult time for the Empire, full of social change, technological advancement and economic uncertainty, and the people of Metamor City were looking for a new leader to inspire them. The previous Avatar of Metamor, Charles XXIV of the House of Matthias, had shepherded the city through the turmoil of two world wars -- one in the 1870s, early in his term, and another in the 1890s. By 1950, when he stepped down in order to embrace a natural death, he was weary of the world and disillusioned about human nature. Many Keepers were longing for someone who could help them believe in a better tomorrow.

Thomas was the perfect candidate. Scion of the noble House of Hassan, a child of privilege who had chosen to become a police officer and distinguished himself in several acts of heroism in the line of duty, Thomas was an unflinching optimist and a deep believer in the inherent goodness of all mortals. Even when he lost the use of his legs, due to an injury sustained while rescuing one of his fellow officers and a civilian child, Thomas continued to speak about the importance of ordinary citizens living life as extraordinary people. Kyia saw his capacity to inspire and asked him to serve as Avatar, healing his injury as part of the bargain.

Thomas is extremely popular in Metamor City, and generally well-liked throughout the rest of the world. He rarely uses the full extent of his powers, saving them for true emergencies that the mortal heroes are unable to handle -- but when he does exercise those powers, it is an awesome sight to see. Some people bemoan the fact that he does so little to stop the pervasive crime and corruption that is so distressingly common in Metamor, especially in the city's lower levels, but most people seem to understand his philosophy (often stated in his speeches) that "everyday heroism" is the responsibility of all, not just the elite.

Role in the overall story arc: The broader story arc comes into full force on January 1, 2000 C.R., when Thomas X is assassinated by unknown means in the middle of his New Year's Day speech. This death throws the city into turmoil and casts a shadow over the celebration of the new milennium, hinting at darker days to come. At the same time, the supernatural nature of the Avatar's death leads to a turf war between MCPD's Homicide and Magic Affairs (Kate and David's section), and sets in motion a chain of events that will draw our heroes into conflict with a foe more insidious than they could have imagined -- the dark wizard, Nasoj.