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$+Üph  -- n. Various inanities produced by one Starling who is not, I repeat not a bird.

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    --This controversial letter enraged millions with its right-wing anarchistic views!

    --Eeep!  Don' look!  don' look!  Like the egomaniac I am, I went and posted my furvey.  Actually it was just too big to post on ALF.
    Furry-code?  We don' need no steenkin furry-code!

    --Speaking of MUCKs... here's what they are.  Emphasis on furry/transformational themes.

I made a LiveJournal! In Perl. =n.n= This took me one day to write, but I'm not bragging. Oh no. Did I mention I made it myself? I did it to practice CGI. Also to have a place to dump my overflow of extra ideas.
Note: Get a browser that supports cookies and frames for best performance.
Note: Cookies suck, so I just put the index on every journal page, so never mind the frames thing.

What is a Synx?
    --Here's a big pile of stuff that I pulled together about synxes.  You'd be surprised what you didn't know.

MUCK Testing Service
    -- A little utility you can use to check the status of one of the MUCKs on my list.

Madlib, Banana nose
    -- A crazy perl script I wrote one night when I should have been in bed.

Squirrel Name Generator
    -- A self reinforcing learning tree, to find the perfect name for a squirrel. This was the inspiration.

Brain Cramps. So an otter leaves Dallas going northbound at 40 miles per hour, a hippo leaves Montreal going southbound at...

   -- Amazing what you can do with colors, isn't it?  Superluminal was where I found this technique.

Take a peek into The V.F.O.S.U.I.
    --Mmm... Javascript

The V.F.O.S.U.I. Via Resource Windows and CGI

Helpful Acronyms:
    SST: Short Short Tail (x-change)
    NWA: New Worlds Awaiting
    WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get
    FRIP:    Frip fRip frIp friP

Last Updated: 10-30-00

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