This site was designed and written on a Linux box using XEmacs for primary editing and Mozilla for initial viewing. At times, VIM was used for quick changes. No WYSIWIG system was used at any time during the creation of these documents. All documents and images are stored in a CVS repository.

Testing was also performed with Netscape Navigator 4.78, Lynx 2.8.3 and Opera 5.0. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 was also checked, but that was only to make sure that there weren't any glaring inconsistencies. (Note: The version 4 Navigator series never performed all that well in the style sheet world so it was used to see what a non-style sheet browser would do. Get the latest version of Navigator if you must; it uses the layout engine from Mozilla.)

The stories were originally marked up with LATEX, a set of macros for TEX, a page formatting language designed by Donald Knuth. They were then converted to either HTML or text by a pair of scripts written in Perl.

The primary sources of documentation for HTML, CSS and Perl came from O'Reilly, but W3 should not be entirely forgotten. A complete bibliography can be found in the web section of the bibliography.

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