This is a collection of stories that I have written. Most of them deal with transformations of some kind, but that isn't always the case. Warning: Some of these stories may have explicit content, either sexual or violence, though I avoid swearing as much as possible. They have been marked, so if such content offends you, do not read.

The University for Human Study

The college years are a wonderful time of gathering with friends, partying and oh, yeah, studying. Of course, sometimes you have to pay a price to get to school. Usually this comes in the form of student loans. In the case of the Myrtraal, a race of little, grey scientists, you pay with your body!

List Transformed

On January 23, 2001, each of the 500+ members of the internet mailing list known as TSA-Talk suddenly became the creature they most desired. These are my own tales as a 500lb, semi-anthropomorphic Bengal tiger.

If Life Could Only Be A Catnap Everyone remembers where they were when they suddenly became a veritable rainbow of fanciful creatures, even though they may not have been paying attention to what they were doing at the time. This how one kitty deals with the first few weeks Post-Transformation. (Available in one complete document or individual parts.)
With Friends Like These I bet Dilbert never had a day like this!
There is a Time The next part in this little kitty's LTF saga. Under Construction
Cubist's LTF Archives Cubist has collected most — if not all — of the LTF stories that have found their way to TSA-Talk.


Stories that deal with physical and/or mental transformations. Most of these have been posted to TSA-Talk in approximately the same order here. Warning: May contain really bad puns.

The Life of Max Do you really notice when someone is acting odder than usual?
A Kindness Repaid A good deed should never go unrewarded. (This was an experiment in characterization without dialogue or direct description.)
A Handyman's Lament John Bender has been going about his work a little woodenly lately.
Snow on the Mountaintop Inspired by the view from my apartment porch, the protagonist here wonders if he can recapture the wonder of an experience.
By Blood We Are Bound How spouses deal with a tough situation.
Dragon Curve, or Affine Mess You've Gotten Us Into Eugene Nordstrom thought that he could put his past in North Dakota behind him to enjoy the hot Arizona sun, but one fall morning a too-perky voice informs him that the land he inherited from his father is not as uninhabited as he thinks.
Making Do The highest form of fantasy is when we are young.
A Tale of Consequences The law is only a part of the rules of conduct in a modern, moral society.
The Seaman's Tale The sea has many stories to tell and one researcher digs up a tale of exploration, adventure and childhood lost.
The SysAdmin Hey, system administrators need a mailing list, too!
SRU: A Ringing in his Ears Inspired by a week of annoying telemarketers, this story proves that writing is a very therapeutic endeavour. Set in Bill Hart's Spells'R'Us story setting.
Chastised! After being a member of TSA-Talk for eighteen months I suddenly realized that I had yet to write the ubiquitous slighted-woman-turns-boyfriend-into-girl story. Opening XEmacs I quickly corrected that oversight, and this is its result.
A Mirror of the Soul A young college student cum grocery store manager, his cat, his best friend and a weird machine all combine to answer deeply philosophical questions.
My Summer Vacation in Hell Young Rebekah Tyrus, mis-treated teenager as she is, must now suffer the indignaty of participating in a ritual passed down from time immemorial: the family vacation. Find out how she survives the slings of her obnoxious twin brothers and her uncaring parents in what should become the first installment in a series. Caution: contains random acts of violence.
A New Life After two years of being locked away Kyra Tanaille must figure out how to fit into high school and exorcies some demons while she's at it.
It's Not Hell, But It's Still School! In this sequel to My Summer Vacation in Hell Rebekah must now face the most dreaded of terrors: high school.
The Gift A dragon dies and the world changes, but has it changed for the better or for the worse? A family works together and against itself to answer that very question.


At one time I seriously considered becoming a poet. Of course, with age comes wisdom and I realized that poets don't make much money. That and I entered the fourth grade which brought much more interesting things like multiplication tables!

The Caterpillar Inspired while sitting in a field of caterpillars in northern Minnesota, June 2001.

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