These are a few curiosities that have come across my brain that I feel a need to explore, either for my own, personal reasons, or just so that I can get the thought out of my head. It should be noted that any opinion expressed in the following essays does not necessarily reflect that held by my employer — past, present or future — or even myself. Take them as seriously as you want, but don't take them to mean that it's okay to abridge the rights of any other being.

WYSIWIG? Not on My Desktop! I bet you're just dying to know why I avoid WYSIWIGs at almost all cost.
English Errors Errors that I have found while searching the net, and occasionally in my own writing. Some are funny, some are embarassing, but I try to provide helpful — and hopefully painless — ways of remembering the right way of doing things.
Puns & Sundry These are turns of phrase and just fun things to say. For a long time, I had these written on my whiteboard on my office at work, but it started to get kinda' full, especially when half the board is taken up by a flow diagram!
HTML 4.01 I know, you've been reading these web pages and the thing that keeps crossing your mind is, "Why the heck does he use style sheets so much!?" Well, wonder no longer, here is my response.
Movie Science Gone Bad Has it ever happened that your watching a movie and all of a sudden your disbelief comes back from it's vacation and says, "I'm sorry; that's just not possible"? It's happened to me more than a few times, and this is the result.
Faith Healing For a long time I couldn't put into words why I didn't agree with people who refused to go to hospitals or see a physician because they believed that God would heal them. This is my attempt at putting feelings and emotions into a simple story.
Zen and the Art of Email Signatures NEW! My take on email signatures and why I use the one that I have.

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