The University for Human Study


A collection of information on the Myrtraal, the university and the students.

The Myrtraal UPDATED! Who are the Myrtraal? How did we first meet them? What is their home like?
The University UPDATED! The history and facilities of the university.
The Students Like a giant yearbook.
The Rules The rules and a few tips if you want to write in this universe.
The Technology The technology of this universe.

The Age of Innocence

A chronicle of the first twenty years of the UHS.

An Introduction to the Age of Innocence Kevin Meechum arrives at UHS only to find that the few hundred light years it took to get to Mnalik'tor was nothing compared to the journey he is about to take.
Vanessa's Diary An examination of Vanessa, a student of environmental engineering at UHS.
If This is Love… How many ways can a lover show their affection?
A Picture's Worth The glib answer to the question, "What is a picture worth?" is, "A thousand words." However, what if that picture is a bit more complex than that which hangs in a gallery?
With Wings I Can Fly NEW! Vanessa and Kara learn to deal with their adaptations in different ways. Warning: Contains adult situations.

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