UHS: The University

Steven Bergom


Through cooperation it was quickly discovered thatt the Myrtraal are excellent teachers, pacing a curriculum expertly for their charges. They also enjoyed their human students' voracious apetites for learning, so it wasn't any surpise when human and Myrtraal governors founded a university on their colony world. It soon became a well-respected institution and, in 2390 the first graduates of the university entered into the higher echelons of Earth government, subsequently ushering in an era of prosperity unparalelled even by then-current standards.

In 2406 the Myrtraal approached Jacques Franklin, Secretary General of the United Earth Coalition for permission to construct an institution on Myrtraal soil solely for the educatino of humans, Much of the meeting was behind closed doors but the Secretary General eventually agreed and constructino on the University for Human Study began on Mnalik'tor.

Seven years later the first class of human students arrived and discovereed the double meaning in the university's name. The university was set up not only for humans to study, but to be studied as well.

The Myrtraal had been fascinated by the variety of creatures that evolved on Earth, unlike their own home planet. They were even more fascinated by the sheer mental and physical adaptability the humans displayed and sought to exploit that adaptability in their studies. Through their biological expertise, they have been transforming their students by surgically altering their bodies.

The Myrtraal are by no means malicious in their actions. Each student is made to sign documents by which no legal recourse is possible and, if the signer doesn't read all the fine print, that's their fault. On the other hand, the Myrtraal truly care about their patients, ensuring their comfort and providing them an education rivaled by no one in the galaxy.

Some of what the Myrtraal produce is grounded in human mythology so it is not uncommon to see elves, seleni or werewolves in residence at the university. However, their creations tend to be more fanciful and it is these creations which give rise to rumors that the Myrtraal and human government have an ulterior motive for the creation of the university. For example, as odd as a blue girl may siound, the plant symbiosis makes here perfect for the colonization of worlds not-quite Earth normal.


UHS is located in the northern hemisphere of Mnalik'tor, the primary moon of the Myrtraal homeworld.

The Facilities


Core Coursework

Every student has a major course of study, also known as the Major.


Each student is expected to complete a project by the end of their stay at the university. The duration of the project is dependent upon the student's course of study, number of other students participating and the complexity of the project.

It is not necessary for all members of the team to have the same major. The Myrtraal will often mix linguists, engineers and mathematicians together so that "real world" experience can be gained. Indeed, the results of the projects are often legitimate research and development plans used by both the Myrtraal and UEC government.