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Prayer Meeting
by BlueNight
BlueNight -- all rights reserved

Together they said, "Amen."

BlueNight held his eyes closed for a moment, squeezed the hands of his wives, then touched the icon on the triangular computer console in the middle of the table.

"Today, I'm helping transport a shipload of food to Namzage," said the trillionaire inanimorph, highlighting a lake and an overland route on a map of Africa. "The volunteer camp trucks can't cross this stretch, and scores have already starved."

The lizardmorph-shaped collection of atoms pushed the icon and the image shifted to a 3D Earth and a grey sphere nearby. "After that, I have a routine supply run to MB1, and I should be back by sundown. Also, Bill Harrison, president of Carver Supplies, is having a crisis of faith, involving his youngest daughter. They also need prayer." His body language stated a sadness for his fellow man. He looked at the rabbitmorph on his right. "Beth?"

The tiger-striped rabbit said, "I'd like prayer for Janet, a velociraptor-morph. She's always edgy just before she lays an egg, and when she's edgy, her arm doesn't work right. Considering that she's in charge of the software team for Project Hoof-3K, she'll be under stress. Also that she would accept Christ." She took a moment to think about her other co-workers at Faux Paws, a company dedicated to high-quality prosthetic limbs for SCABS victims.

Her ears twitched, and she continued. "Pete is being divorced, and he's going to try to get custody of his two daughters, stating his gendermorphia is not valid reason for his wife to start procedings. He'll be using a Rand, Joyce, Carter, and Cooperson lawyer. I'd also like prayer for all the people who will die today, everywhere around the world, to know the Lord before death takes them." She looked to her right. "Caryn?"

The fox-bear-morph had her eyes closed, and was whispering something. She opened her eyes, and cleared her throat. "We're still working on a way to freeze people into one form and keep them from healing when cut, so they can have plastic surgery to correct dysphoria. Pray for everyone in the lab to be safe, and for the project's eventual success. Pray for Mike, June, Forrest, and Benny as well. Shelley?"

A picture of a human skull in the corner of each screen said, "We've got a corpse needs transport back to Earth. He says he needs to feel gravity pulling the flesh on his bones, and he can't stand being down in these tunnels another day. Pray for his sanity to be flexible enough to get him back. We also have a few people need some cheering up, and a fragile glass horse, age-morphed to five mentally, who thinks her birthday's today. Cards would be a nice surprise. Prayer for all of us to keep sane. I need prayer for strength for myself as well."

The skull fell silent, and BlueNight held their hands again, closed his eyes, and bowed his head. "Heavenly Father, help us today in our endeavors, that we might please you, that we might help where we can. Help us to grow in you, to increase the general happiness, to glorify you through our actions. Help us to know when to talk and when to keep our mouths shut. As always, help the ten percent of the profits of Alan Conglomerated to flourish, to help the world. Lord, help us today, my trips to Africa and the Moon, Beth's co-worker..."

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