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tbp.sign.small.jpg (20334 bytes)Way back in 1996 on the TSA-TALK mailing list a small story called 'Tales of the Blind Pig' was written by one Mark van Sciver.  He'd asked interested persons on the list for themselves as characters, and then he wrote a bar to set them in.  And he introduced SCABS.

Time passed.  People started writing stories, first within the bar, and then within the world it was in.  And it grew.

And grew and grew and...

There are now DEFINITELY over 300 stories spanning a period from the 17thC to 2002 and on to 2040.   And, since nobody else has, I'm going to try and create a public archive of them all.

This page contains only introductory notes for the new writer, and the core stores that REALLY should be read to get a feel for the universe.  The main story archive exists organized both by AUTHOR and by CHRONOLOGICAL.  Click on the appropriate link on the left to select your option.

Note: To the best of my ability I have maintained the author's format for their work.  The only change I've made is to the format of the title information and hard breaks within the text.  If I've changed anything, I apologize, accept full blame, and would like to know what I screwed up so that I can fix it.

Note: A number of authors have requested links on their web page.  Where such links exist (or are wanted) they're listed in the AUTHOR index.  Most authors would appreciate comments, and comments can be sent via the author link at the top of each story.  If there is no link, then they do not want their e-mail address publicly available.

WARNING: Various of these stories contain adult situations of sex and/or violence. If you're not an adult, then don't read them.  Where I know there are adult situations, the stories have been marked ADULT, however there are likely some I missed so read at your own risk.


General Notes
Background Notes Read this if you have no clue as to what is going on.
Notes for the Writer
Characters A list of the main re-occurring characters and who to contact.
Timeline A VERY rough timeline of the TBP universe.
Universe Rules (under construction) What you can and can't do if you want to write a story within The Blind Pig universe.
If you're interested in writing new stories set in the universe of the The Blind Pig - DON'T PANIC.  The first part of the story links is titled  "Important Stories".  These are listed separately to get you started as they define important characters and events.  You should read those which will give you basic information, plus the articles referenced in "Notes to the Writer" above.  The rest you can read at your leisure!
Important Stories:
Tails from the Blind Pig (9k) Mark Van Scriver The Story that started it all.  If you read nothing else, read this.
Wanderer's Story  (12k) Wanderer Introduces everybody's favourite wolf.
Retribution (49k) Bob Stein (Posti) Ends the first story cycle by dealing with Councilman Barnes
Remember When  (60k) Brian Eirik Coe and Jon Sleeper Not critical to the background, but this is my SECOND most favourite TBP story (see Entrances and Exits below for most favourite).  Not because of the writing style, but because it always brings tears to my eyes.
Zoo'm'n Beings (14k) Kim Liu One of many interesting SCAB-centric organizations that should be made more use of as cameos in additional stories.
Requiems for the Shadow People (490k) Mark Van Scriver A must read as it moves the timeline up base 2032
Entrances and Exits (161k) Phil Geusz and J. (Channing) Wells Not critical to the background, but this is my favourite TBP story of all, and possibly my favourite TF story of all.  It had a huge affect on my writing.
Death Is Real (144k) Phil Geusz Possibly the best attempt in TBP to give a gut feeling of what an inanimorph is.  Be warned though, this story came close to giving me nightmares (and does whenever I re-read or even skim it)
A Good Run of Luck (38k) Quentin "Cubist" Long The introduction of Jubatus around whom most of the newer stories revolve.
Something to Live For (Aug 2001) (41k) Michael Bard This poses a reason as to why the tech in 2040 is mostly identical to 2000.  It seems to have become accepted, but take it with a grain of salt.

Cubist's Story Site

A large number of stories set around 2038 and later.

Mia's Archive

A Meta archive of stories, this link will take you to the index of TBP stories.  As Mia's archive is really just a list of links to elsewhere on the internet, and it has been years since it was updated, no guarantees are made of any links working.

Raven's Lair

A personal archive of favourite TBP stories by various authors.

The Transformation Story Archive

The original archive containing the original stories but none of the new ones.

Copyright 2002-2005 Michael Bard.  Please send any comments to him at mwbard@transform.to