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tbp.sign.small.jpg (20334 bytes)Way back in 1996 on the TSA-TALK mailing list a small story called 'Tales of the Blind Pig' was written by one Mark van Sciver.  He'd asked interested persons on the list for themselves as characters, and then he wrote a bar to set them in.  And he introduced SCABS.

Time passed.  People started writing stories, first within the bar, and then within the world it was in.  And it grew.

And grew and grew and...

There are now DEFINITELY over 300 stories spanning a period from the 17thC to 2002 and on to 2040.   And, since nobody else has, I'm going to try and create a public archive of them all.

This page contains the master archive organized by AUTHOR and is the COMPLETE index.  If you want to read the introductory notes for the new writer and the core stories that REALLY should be read to get a feel for the universe, then you want the INTRODUCTION.  There is also a CHRONOLOGICAL index.  Click on the appropriate link on the left to select your option.

Note: To the best of my ability I have maintained the author's format for their work.  The only change I've made is to the format of the title information and hard breaks within the text.  If I've changed anything, I apologize, accept full blame, and would like to know what I screwed up so that I can fix it.

A final note: Many of the authors have requested both an e-mail link for comments, and a link to their web page.  Where a web page is present, a link is at the top of the list of their stories in the index.  As to comments, the e-mail is at the top of each page so go to it!

Current Archive Size: 321

WARNING: Various of these stories contain adult situations of sex and/or violence. If you're not an adult, then don't read them.  Where I know there are adult situations, the stories have been marked ADULT, however there are likely some I missed so read at your own risk.


Author Archive Structure: The primary archive simply lists the stories in alphabetical order, by author, and below that in alphabetical order by title.  Those with multiple authors are listed under each individual author (i.e. twice or more).   Stories that really should be read are marked.  Note that each story contains an e-mail link to the author in question, if the author wishes one, and a link to their web page, again if the author wishes one.   E-mail links have been modified to 'NAME[at]SERVER[dot]SUFFIX' to prevent other programs from grabbing the addresses.

Note: For the Alphabetical Archive, story names that begin with "*" are NOT placed in the chronological archive because I'm not sure where they go.  Any advice on placing these stories is welcomed.

Bard, Michael
Acquiring Targets (Dec 2002) (27k) Dr. Sue Carter is pissed!  Jubatus lost his mind, kept it secret from her, and now she's going to have it out with him!  And teach some "basic" calculus and make some plans for the future.
Beyond the Wall of Ice (Jan 2004) (84k) Most of the Antarctic was covered by a dome sometme after the plague.  Stuff goes in, but nothing comes out.  Here is the story of one person who goes inside.
Death by Calculus (Aug 2002) (co-written with Hallan Mirayas) (13k) Hallan is a poor high school student just learning Calculus.  Whilst waiting for Jubatus, he runs into Dr. Sue Carter who tries to each him the "basics".  This is a portion of "Acquiring Targets" from a different point of view.
Homecoming (July 2005) (42k) A SCAB returns to the City containing the Blind Pig, not sure why, looking for some place to go.  Be warned that the language in this is a bit excessive for me, but it was a requirement of the characterization...
Life and Death (Jan 2003) (10k) A SCAB has been transformed and aged backwards, eventually reverting to egg and being reborn.  The person who raised him the second time has just died and he's managed to sneak into her funeral...  A sequel to "A Reverse Chronomorph's Personal Account"
One Small Step... (In Progress) (co-written with Quentin "Cubist" Long) (460k) I don't like putting incomplete works up but there are a number of stories that refer back to this so I put it in.  Quentin and I WILL finish it.  Sadly, I can't give a date.
Poker Distractions (Oct 2004) (11k) Dr. Sue Carter is at it again, setting up pranks and deviousness and proving that there is more than one type of poker face.
A Reverse Chronomorph's Personal Account (Nov 2002) (32k) A person wakes up during the collapse transformed.  It turns out that he's invulnerable.  Shouldn't this be great?
Schroedinger's Dryad (Nov 2002) (29k) Dr. Sue Carter has sworn to pry the secrets of Jubatus' powers by any means possible.  In a cascade of alternaties, she realizes the cost, and sees what might have been.
Something to Live For (Aug 2001) (41k) The first story of Dr. Sue Carter and her introduction to The Blind Pig.  A super intelligent SCAB astronaut has decided to die, or has she?  She comes to The Blind Pig and Dr. Phil for help.  This offers one potential explanation for the relative unchanged tech base in the TBP universe between 2001 and 2040.
Thirty Seconds over the North Pole (Dec 2005) (32k) Dr. Sue Carter tells the story of the raid she led on the North Pole to steal Santa's tech...
Wings of Healing (Sept 2005) (15k) A son has SCABbed over and it's tearing apart his family.
Bix, Hepizibah "Eppie"
From the Desk of J. (Channing) Wells Hepizibah "Eppie" Bix's Web Page
Overnight (co-written with Feech) (34k)  
Bix, Michael W.
From the Desk of J. (Channing) Wells Michael Bix's Web Page
*Fairy Tale of New York (38k)  
Blackmane, Raven
Raven's Lair Raven Blackmane's Web Page
Ecce Femina (227k)  
Long Night's Journey into Morning (236k)  
Quoth the Raven (40k)  
The School (14k)  
Anniversary (77k) ADULT  
The Cat and the Mouse (8k)  
Con Sequences (15k)  
Disclosure (41k)  
Double Vision (10k)  
Fireburst (14k)  
A Glow in the Dark (6k)  
It's a Blue Night Tonight (15k)  
Mouse Remembered (10k) ADULT  
Oren's Okay (5k)  
Otter and Lizard Tails (56k)  
Pet Rabbit (28k) ADULT  
Prayer Meeting (5k)  
Revelations, Truth, Sex and Life (52k) ADULT  
Secrets, Lies, Sex and Death (21k)  
Simplicity Complicated (3k)  
Taboo, Tasteless, and oh so Delicious (4k)  
Bonanno, Charles M.
But for the Grace of... (25k)  
A Child's Last Wish (16k)  
Desperate Measures (262k)  
Drug Bust (4k)  
A Friend in Need (28k)  
The Good, the Bad, and the TBP (9k)  
Hotel Hades (55k)  
...Interesting Times (7k)  
Nothing Personal (25k)  
*TBS News at 7 (7k)  
That's Amore! (79k)  
To Dream, Perchance to... (21k)  
The Unpleasant Profession of Jennifer Hoag (21k)  
Where There's Smoke... (20k)  
WWII Midway (6k)  
Charles, Matthew
Ineluki Matthew Charles' Web Page
Best Friends (7k)  
The Country of the Blind (13k)  
*Dog Star (24k)  
Four Scenes from a Semi-detached House (14k)  
From the Babe's Mouth (36k) An epilogue to the Councilman Barnes plotline.
Ways and Means (5k)  
A Wolf in the Fold (45k)  
A Wuff at the Door (11k)  
Skitter (9k)  
Cheval, Tony
Dealing with Peggy (3k)  
Epona Foundation: MEMO (3k)  
He only comes out at Night (3k)  
The Horsey Set (6k) Warning: The first line of this was corrupted so I recreated it as best I could.
Justice?...or Revenge? (4k)  
Coe, Brian Eirik
The Writings of Brian Eirik Coe Brian Eirik Coe's Web Page
The Blind Pig Zone (3k)  
Days and Nights (16k)  
At Days End (101k)  
Everything's Wild (32k)  
The Gift of the Woods (co-written with Sleeper, Jon) (149k)  
Remember When (co-written with Sleeper, Jon) (60k) My other most favourite TBP story.  Not because of the writing style, but because it always brings tears to my eyes.
Timing (19k)  
Cole, James S.
The Background (6k)  
Bad Luck can be Good (6k)  
The Extra (5k)  
*A Friend Departs (9k)  
Insect (10k)  
Late Breaking News (5k)  
Legal Moves (8k)  
Meet Mr. M (21k)  
Mr. M's Legacy (12k)  
Remembered (12k)  
*The Suit (10k)  
Wally and Jane (15k)  
Where are the Monsters? (10k)  
Cutter, Fox
Chaos Keep Fox Cutter's Web Page
One Last Night (9k)  
Sides of the Fox (11k)  
deMule, Jack
The Equine Cabal (7k)  
Holiday Cheer (20k)  
Life is But a Walking Shadow...No Shadows Without Light (9k)  
Peggy and the Dream (35k)  
Small Pleasures at the Pig (6k)  
Standard Bar Fare (5k)  
Derksen, Bryan
Derksen Industries Bryan Derksen's Web Page
Ecdysis (21k)  
Good Mojo (21k)  
Rejoining the Gang (17k) This was never finished but as it is relatively stand alone AND has major timeline information so I've put it in the archive.
Edmiston, Rodford "Stickmaker"
Stickmaker's Page Rodford Edmiston's Web Page
Cat on a Hot Titanium Bike (6k)  
Change the World (10k)  
Visitation Wrongs (9k)  
From the Desk of J. (Channing) Wells Feech's Web Page
*Author's Note Some notes from Feech about his writing in TBP -- NOT a TBP story!
Backstage at the Passion (52k)  
*Bittersweet Symphony (38k)  
Curtain-Raiser (27k)  
Color Wheel (76k)  
*An Evening Wherein Kent and Gabe do not go Out (21k)  
The Fastest TBP Christmas Story in the West (45k)  
The Frog Prince (19k) read before "Go Unto Pharaoh"
*A Fair Start (47k)  
Frost (31k)  
Fursuit (5k) Poem
Gabriel Descending (29k)  
The Garden (48k)  
Go Unto Pharaoh (37k) read "The Frog Prince" first
Great Divide (40k)  
The Last Remaining Wonder in the World (70k)  
Milkweed Poison (31k)  
*Natural History (26k)  
*On the Nile (17k)  
*Overnight (co-written with Hepzibah "Eppie" Bix) (34k)  
Piano Man (14k)  
The Pride of Lions (24k)  
The Promised Land (88k)  
*The Rat in Abstract (co-written with J. (Channing) Wells) (24k)  
Shadow's Box (21k)  
Sex and the Modern Snake (14k)  
Snakes and Ladders (31k)  
The Shore Line (57k)  
Sound of Mind (14k)  
Spiral Bound (27k)  
Stone Age (38k)  
Stone Rose (17k)  
*The Sweetheart Clip (29k)  
The Thimble (18k)  
This is a Box (24k)  
A Time Machine (55k)  
When on Earth (61k)  
Winged Instruments (81k)  
Fox, Jacob Blue
*Bleep*ing Hockey (14k)  
Blue (44k)  
Dog and Pony Show (12k)  
The Education of Jacob Fox (13k)  
Finally (22k)  
Fox Hunting (45k)  
The Hand you Deal Yourself (16k)  
A Passing over Mars (10k)  
United (9k)  
Foxley, SR
The Wonderful World of SR Foxley SR Foxley's Web Page
Gnade Street (210k)  
Geusz, Phil
Common Ground (93k)  
Da Mob (232k)  
Death Is Real (144k) Possibly the best attempt in TBP to give a gut feeling of what an inanimorph is.  Be warned though, this story came close to giving me nightmares (and does whenever I re-read or even skim it)
Entrances and Exits (co-written with J. (Channing) Wells) (161k) My favourite TBP story of all, and possibly my favourite TF story of all.  It had a huge affect on my writing.
The Essence of Art (co-written with Heather White) (13k)  
First Day Jitters (14k)  
Fishing Expedition (21k)  
Golden Years (6k)  
Mid-Life Crisis (17k)  
Seizing the Acorn (192k)  
Seventh Circle (102k)  
Success, in a Nutshell (30k)  
Wild and Crazy (co-written with Oren the Otter) (94k)  
Greywolf, Tal
A Quiet Night (10k)  
The Price that We Pay  (209k)  
Hart, Bill
A Mugwump Afterward (12k)  
A Mugwump Wakes (7k)  
A New Player Enters (21k)  
Rejected (9k)  
What Happened??? (8k)  
Ihnen, David
David Ihnen's Stories David Ihnen's Web Page
Car 38 (6k)  
The Life and Times of Chris Shalock (23k)  
The Life and Times of Chris Shalock: Just Another Day on the Job (27k)  
Kaiser, Andrew
Ever have the Feeling it's going to be one of those Days? (11k)  
Living in Want (80k)  
Raining in Baltimore (12k) This is directly followed by "Round Here" by Wanderer
Thomas (20k)  
Untitled (19k)  
Linger, Doug
Doug Linger's Home Page Doug Linger's Web Page
Hard Times (26k) Says Doug: "Not everyone was "lucky" enough to be transformed only partially into an animal. This was possibly the first story to use a "fullmorph" character."
The Best Medicine (21k) Says Doug: "My avatar gets some payback for a prank, and in the process gets a little of himself back as well. This is the sequel to Brian Eirik Coe's Everything's Wild."
Liu, Kim
Changes of Self (27k)  
Dreams of the Transformed (10k)  
Due Respect (22k)  
Man in the Middle (14k)  
Prices (12k)  
Running (18k)  
Webmaster's Sidebar - Spider Dreams (7k)  
Zoo'm'n Beings (14k)  
Loner, Radioactive
Behind Every Man... (12k)  
Calm Seas, Auspicious Gales (9k)  
Life's but a Waking Shadow (5k)  
Tara's Story (16k)  
A Tempest for Ophelia (14k)  
To Show Virtue her own Feature (14k)  
Trying to make his way Home (12k)  
Under Cloud and Under Star (56k)  
Long, Quentin "Cubist"
cubist's stories archives Quentin "Cubist" Long's Web Page
Christmas Rush (23k) Says Quentin: "How does the fastest (and most cynical, and most paranoid) SCAB alive deal with an attack of the Christmas spirit? (Written for the TSAT 25 anniversary celebration)"
Fast Break (co-written with Hallan Mirayas) (124k)  
A Good Run of Luck (38k) Says Quentin: "The story that introduced Jubatus to the Blind Pig. I was mostly trying to see if I could have a viewpoint character who insists that everything is just dandy, while at the same time making it clear to the reader that, in fact, everything is actually going to Hell in a handbasket."
No Quick Fix (10k) Says Quentin: "This is an odd one for me. It's a vignette, a pure "mood piece", not my usual kind of thing at all; while it's the fifth Jubatus tale I've written, its place in the cheetah's continuity is between #s 3 and 4; and it was blatantly sparked by Real Life events which don't bear repeating here."
One Small Step... (In Progress) (co-written with Michael Bard) (460k) I don't like putting incomplete works up but there are a number of stories that refer back to this so I put it in.  Quentin and I WILL finish it.  Sadly, I can't give a date.
Second Heat (40k) Says Quentin: "In which Jubatus displays certain strong and weak points, is the cheetah's second tale. And yes, I do intend to put some sort of reference to speed and/or motion into the title of every Jubatus story; "run" in the first tale, and "heat" (in the Track and Field sense) this time around."
Speedy Trials (59k) Says Quentin: "The third tale in the continuing story of Jubatus. Your (and his) favorite cheetah finally comes to terms with something that's really bothered him ever since the fur coat arrived."
Matthias, Charles
The Matthias Zone Charles Matthias' Web Page
Compass (7k)  
Death Wish (115k) WARNING: Mark van Sciver had grave concerns about how this story fit into his version of the universe when it was originally posted  It's worthwhile reading though.
A Simple Wager (10k)  
Mazanec, Thomas
Planet Mazanec Thomas Mazanec's Web Page
The Babysitter (12k)  
The Decision (10k)  
Faith Healing (6k)  
The Neighbor (12k)  
One Day in a Nice Neighborhood (8k)  
Mirayas, Hallan
Actions and Reactions (16k)  
Death by Calculus (Aug 2002) (co-written with Michael Bard) (13k) Hallan is a poor high school student just learning Calculus.  Whilst waiting for Jubatus, he runs into Dr. Sue Carter who tries to each him the "basics".  This is a portion of "Acquiring Targets" from a different point of view.
Casualties (10k)  
Fast Break (co-written with Quentin "Cubist" Long) (124k)  
Ice Dance (22k)  
Lunchtime Conversations (10k)  
The Mug of Doom (11k)  
Reflections (9k)  
Throwing Down the Gauntlet (27k)  
Trial by Fire (6k)  
Oren the Otter
The Otter's Pond Oren the Otter's Web Page
Against all Odds (14k)  
Bar Vignette (4k)  
*Cat Fancy (11k)  
Christmas Shopping (11k)  
Compatibility (32k)  
Epilogue (2k)  
Gornul (6k)  
An Innocent Deception (7k)  
NPC's (8k)  
Otherworlds (17k)  
The Otter's Wish (36k)  
The Outsider (14k)  
Phone Call (5k)  
A Place for Freedom (41k)  
Simplicity (3k)  
TBP/MK Dreams (5k)  
Victoria (40k) A warning: When this was first posted it generated a lot of controversy of whether or not it was canon.  I believe it is, but be wary if you write something like this.
Wild and Crazy (co-written with Phil Geusz) (94k)  
A Worthwhile Pursuit (7k)  
You're a Good Friend (13k)  
*Zoroaster (34k) Although this was officially declared "not canon" I personally go with the "it was a prank" theory mentioned at the end due to the questionable science in it.  It is an interesting read though.
Interlude (8k)  
Intro (58k)  
Waterslide (32k)  
Reid, Richard
The Webship Corwinda Richard Reid's Web Page
Emergency Call (12k)  
The Messenger (9k)  
Schneider, Eric
Reset Switch (co-written with Stein, Bob "Posti") (31k) Dr. Bob has his polymorph abilities restored.
The Dream Lives On (51k)  
Sleeper, Jon
The Buck's Domain Jon Sleeper's Web Page
The Buck Stops Here (9k) Warning: The format of this one is a bit odd.  Alternate paragraphs are alternate sides of a conversation (with the odd exception).  "Bold Face" lines are spoken through a 'voder.
Family Photo (5k)  
Family Ties (106k)  
The Gift of the Woods (co-written with Coe, Brian Eirik) (149k)  
Remember When (co-written with Coe, Brian Eirik) (60k) My other most favourite TBP story.  Not because of the writing style, but because it always brings tears to my eyes.
T'is the Season (70k)  
Sly Squirrel/Sly Rabbit (he's changed byline)
The Beat Goes On: The Homepage of Sly Rabbit Sly's Web Page
Animal House (148k) Says Sly: "Yes, some of this is based on a certain college I know.  Sue me if I wasn't very well versed in its ways yet."
Another Trophy for the Wall (15k)  
Ave Maria: The Story of Fats Mitchell (85k) Says Sly: "This was a fun little write; that's all I'll say.  I don't honestly know where the idea for this story came from; it just sort of happened one day.  The results are quite interesting. "
Dodging Bullets (78k) Says Sly: "Oh, how I loathed this story while writing it!  I have yet to go back and read it for myself, but as I skim through it I find that the effort was worth it.  Enjoy! "
Double Feature (178k) Says Sly: "I wrote this with the simple intentions of writing out all my memories from musicals of the past.  Writer's instinct turned it into a story. "
Gettin' Lucky (60k) Says Sly: "The first half of this story could stand to be a little shorter, I know.  I was enjoying the whole reminiscence deal a bit too much, especially considering that most of it is at least half-true.  The second half is some of the best stuff I've ever written.  This story introduces my TBP character Austin.  You'll probably see more of him as time goes by."
Ifida (44k) Says Sly: "Okay, the title actually comes from one of my wrestling coaches.  Before the state tournament series, he taped up a bunch of posters with the phrase “BEWARE OF IFIDAS” in simple Times font.  Didn't help much; as a team we lost sectionals, even though we were supposed to breeze right through.  If only the team wasn't sick…
Worse, I lost at semistate.  Didn't even make it to the big show.  Ifida just given a little more effort in the wrestling room.  Ifida not twisted my ankle two weeks before the match.  Ifida just focused a little more for my bout with Skinner.  Ifida just cared a little bit more…  That's in the past now. But what happens when you can't let go? I'd like to go on record as saying that this story has scared me more than anything else I know.  After a few pages of story I had to walk away from the computer, I was so distrot.  Speaking metaphorically, this is my concept of hell. Comments, compliments, etc. are greatly appreciated."
It's Time that I Realize... (5k) A short sequel that occurs directly after "Man in the Mirror"
Let Down (13k)  
Man in the Mirror (114k) Says Sly: "When this one was nominated for an Ursa, I couldn't talk right for a good two days afterwards. This story showed me that I wasn't just a little kid messing around with some words on a page: I was a writer. I'm still not good, mind you, but this was a step in the right direction. "
Stein, Bob aka "Posti"
POSTI: Bob Stein's Home Page Bob Stein's Web Page
The Best Medicine (11k)  
The Cereal Killer (2k)  
Having a Ball (9k)  
He only gets out at Night (4k)  
In the Beginning... (34k)  
A Little Night Music (for Wanderer) (5k)  
Peggy and the Dream (aftermath) (4k)  
Reset Switch (co-written with Schneider, Eric) (31k) Dr. Bob has his polymorph abilities restored.
Retribution (49k) This ends the first major story cycle.
Single Parent (13k)  
*Site for Sore Eyes (36k)  
Toys (16k)  
Vacation? (5k)  
*The Visit (7k)  
Tracer, Jessie (Electric Keet) - aka Jason Roo Tracer
Randomness (11k)  
Voices (13k) Useful background info about 'Voders
Van Sciver, Mark

Donnie's Ground Rules (8k)

If you're going to write stories set in the bar, you should read as there have been rules made regarding pranks and general activity within the bar..

The Duel (56k)

The Man Who Knew Himself (16k)

O' Come All Ye... (23k)

Requiems for the Shadow People (490k)  
Rydia's Tale (9k)  

Song of Hand Music, A (16k)

Splendor's Story - Afterward (10k)

A follow up to Splendor's Story.
Tails from the Blind Pig (9k) The Story that started it all.  If you read nothing else, read this.

Wanderer's Story - Afterward (7k)

A follow up to "Wanderer's Story"
Wanderer's Library Wanderer's Web Page
A Cautious Meeting (5k)  
As Ye Samhain (10k)  
Christmas Cheer (13k)  
Christmas Resolutions (34k)  
Dark Matters (9k)  
For Old Time's Sake (7k)  
Halloween Howl (11k)  
Hatred and its Price (10k)  
Homecoming (10k)  
To Know Another (9k)  
Lady's Night (7k)  
Life is but a Walking Shadow...Another View (20k)  
Maeror Tacitus (5k)  
Off his Noggin' (11k)  
Round Here (8k) This is directly preceded by "Raining in Baltimore" by Andrew Kaiser
Sidestep (7k)  
Somewhere in the Afterglow (18k)  
Stars (7k)  
Thanksgiven (7k)  
Thirty Seconds over the North Pole - Afterword (7k) A follow up to "Thirty Seconds over the North Pole"
Turning Wheels (4k)  
Wanderer's Story (12k)  
Wanderer's Ways (13k)  
*Wander-full (12k)  
Wulfnacht (8k)  
Webster, Captain
A Christmas Story (13k)  
Justice (34k)  
Wells, J. (Channing)
From the Desk of J. (Channing) Wells J. (Channing) Well's Web Page
Empty Spaces (99k)  
Entrances and Exits (co-written with Phil Geusz) (161k) My favourite TBP story of all, and possibly my favourite TF story of all.  It had a huge affect on my writing.
The Last White Night of an Unknown Voice (10k)  
A Miracle of Degree (158k)  
*The Rat in Abstract (co-written with Feech) (24k)  
Sick or Sin or: the Second Failed Baptism of Miss Marybeth Prowse (66k)  
A View from the Fence (205k)  
White, Heather
The Essence of Art (co-written with Phil Geusz) (13k)  
Williams, Greg
Air to Surface (7k)  
Denali (15k)  
Simulator Wings (8k)  
Skindancer (5k)  
Tex (15k)  
Tides of Fate (35k)  
From the Desk of J. (Channing) Wells Wonderwolf's Web Page
*Flipping Channels (12k)  
Xepher's Realm Xepher's Web Page
Snow Angel (57k)  
A Visit to a Vet (25k)  
Why Not? (57k)  

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