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tbp.sign.small.jpg (20334 bytes)Way back in 1996 on the TSA-TALK mailing list a small story called 'Tales of the Blind Pig' was written by one Mark van Sciver.  He'd asked interested persons on the list for themselves as characters, and then he wrote a bar to set them in.  And he introduced SCABS.

Time passed.  People started writing stories, first within the bar, and then within the world it was in.  And it grew.

And grew and grew and...

There are now DEFINITELY over 300 stories spanning a period from the 17thC to 2002 and on to 2040.   And, since nobody else has, I'm going to try and create a public archive of them all.

This page contains the master archive organized by CHRONOLOGICAL.  If you want to read the introductory notes for the new writer and the core stories that REALLY should be read to get a feel for the universe, then you want the INTRODUCTION.  There is also an AUTHOR index.  Note that there are stories in the AUTHOR index that are NOT in the CHRONOLOGICAL index as I'm not sure where they fit -- any help would be appreciated.  Click on the appropriate link on the left to select your option.

Note: To the best of my ability I have maintained the author's format for their work.  The only change I've made is to the format of the title information and hard breaks within the text.  If I've changed anything, I apologize, accept full blame, and would like to know what I screwed up so that I can fix it.

Note: A number of authors have requested links on their web page.  Where such links exist (or are wanted) they're listed in the AUTHOR index.  Most authors would appreciate comments, and comments can be sent via the author link at the top of each story.  If there is no link, then they do not want their e-mail address publicly available.

WARNING: Various of these stories contain adult situations of sex and/or violence. If you're not an adult, then don't read them.  Where I know there are adult situations, the stories have been marked ADULT, however there are likely some I missed so read at your own risk.


WWII Midway (Bonanno, Charles M.) (6k)
A Passing over Mars (Fox, Jacob) (10k)
In the Beginning... (Stein, Bob - Posti) (34k)
Tides of Fate (Williams, Greg) (35k)
A Reverse Chronomorph's Personal Account (Bard, Michael) (32k)
The Price that We Pay (Greywolf, Tal) (209k)
Life and Death (Bard, Michael) (10k)
Tales from the Blind Pig (van Sciver, Mark) (9k)
Wanderer's Story (Wanderer) (12k)
Wanderer's Story - Afterward (van Sciver, Mark) (7k)
Splendor's Story - Afterward (van Sciver, Mark) (10k)
Dreams of the Transformed (Lui, Kim) (10k)
Lady's Night (Wanderer) (7k)
Standard Bar Fare (deMule, Jack) (5k)
Justice?...or Revenge? (Cheval, Tony) (4k)
Donnie's Ground Rules (van Sciver, Mark) (8k)
Peggy and the Dream (deMule, Jack) (35k)
Hatred and its Price (Wanderer) (10k)
Visitation Wrongs (Edmiston, Rodford "Stickmaker") (9k)
Retribution (Stein, Bob - Posti) (49k)
Prices (Lui, Kim) (12k)
From the Babe's Mouth (Matthew, Charles) (36k)
Man in the Middle (Lui, Kim) (14k)
Rydia's Tale (van Sciver, Mark) (9k)
Wanderer's Ways (Wanderer) (13k)
Zoo'm'n Beings (Lui, Kim) (14k)
Webmaster's Sidebar - Spider Dreams (Lui, Kim) (7k)
Sides of the Fox (Cutter, Fox) (11k)
The Horsey Set (Cheval, Tony) (6k)
Due Respect (Lui, Kim) (22k)
The Buck Stops Here (Sleeper, Jon) (9k)
The Man Who Knew Himself (van Sciver, Mark) (16k)
Peggy and the Dream (aftermath) (Stein, Bob - Posti) (4k)
To Know Another (Wanderer) (9k)
Rejoining the Gang (Derksen, Brian) (17k)
Timing (Coe, Brian Eirik) (19k)
Change the World (Edmiston, Rodford "Stickmaker") (10k)
He only comes out at Night (Cheval, Tony) (3k)
A New Player Enters (Hart, Bill) (21k)
Running (Lui, Kim) (18k)
The Best Medicine (Stein, Bob - Posti) (11k)
What Happened??? (Hart, Bill) (8k)
The Equine Cabal (deMule, Jack) (7k)
Vacation? (Stein, Bob - Posti) (5k)
Dealing with Peggy (Cheval, Tony) (3k)
Epona Foundation: MEMO (Cheval, Tony) (3k)
Song of Hand Music, A (van Sciver, Mark) (16k)
A Mugwump Wakes (Hart, Bill) (7k)
A Mugwump Afterward (Hart, Bill) (12k)
Rejected (Hart, Bill) (9k)
Cat on a Hot Titanium Bike (Edmiston, Rodford "Stickmaker") (6k)
Remember When (Coe, Brian Eirik and Sleeper, Jon) (60k)
Changes of Self (Lui, Kim) (27k)
Small Pleasures at the Pig (deMule, Jack) (6k)
Somewhere in the Afterglow (Wanderer) (18k)
Halloween Howl (Wanderer) (11k)
Days and Nights (Coe, Brian Eirik) (16k)
Thanksgiven (Wanderer) (7k)
T'is the Season (Sleeper, Jon) (70k)
Good Mojo (Derksen, Bryan) (21k)
Single Parent (Stein, Bob - Posti) (13k)
O' Come All Ye... (van Sciver, Mark) (23k)
Christmas Cheer (Wanderer) (13k)
A Cautious Meeting (Wanderer) (5k)
Turning Wheels (Wanderer) (4k)
Holiday Cheer (deMule, Jack) (20k)
At Days End (Coe, Brian Eirik) (101k)
Empty Spaces (Wells, J. (Channing)) (99k)
Tara's Story (Loner, Radioactive) (16k)
One Last Night (Cutter, Fox) (9k)
A Tempest for Ophelia (Loner, Radioactive) (14k)
Sidestep (Wanderer) (7k)
To Show Virtue her own Feature (Loner, Radioactive) (14k)
For Old Time's Sake (Wanderer) (7k)
A Little Night Music (for Wanderer) (Stein, Bob "Posti") (5k)
Family Ties (Sleeper, Jon) (106k)
Life's but a Waking Shadow (Loner, Radioactive) (5k)
Life is but a Walking Shadow...Another View (Wanderer) (20k)
Life is But a Walking Shadow...No Shadows Without Light (deMule, Jack) (9k)
The Blind Pig Zone (Coe, Brian Eirik) (3k)
Reset Switch (Schneider, Eric and Stein, Bob "Posti") (31k)
Intro (Qualin) (58k)
The Duel (van Sciver, Mark) (56k)
Quoth the Raven (Blackmane, Raven) (40k)
Hard Times (Linger, Doug) (26k)
Everything's Wild (Coe, Brian Eirik) (32k)
The Best Medicine (Linger, Doug) (21k)
Voices (Tracer, Jessie (Electric Keet)) (13k)
Randomness (Tracer, Jessie (Electric Keet)) (11k)
The Cereal Killer (Stein, Bob "Posti") (2k)
Ecdysis (Derksen, Brian) (21k)
Calm Seas, Auspicious Gales (Loner, Radioactive) (9k)
Death Wish (Matthias, Charles) (115k)
A View from the Fence (Wells, J. (Channing) (205k)
A Child's Last Wish (Bonanno, Charles M.) (16k)
Long Night's Journey into Morning (Blackmane, Raven) (236k)
Homecoming (Wanderer) (10k)
Ecce Femina (Blackmane, Raven) (227k) (2030)
Family Photo (Sleeper, Jon) (5k)
The Gift of the Woods (Coe, Brian Eirik and Sleeper, Jon) (149k)
Requiems for the Shadow People (van Sciver, Mark) (490k)
The Good, the Bad, and the TBP (Bonanno, Charles M.) (9k)
A Wolf in the Fold (Charles, Matthew) (45k)
Off his Noggin' (Wanderer) (11k)
The School (Blackmane, Raven) (14k)
A Simple Wager (Matthias, Charles) (10k)
Entrances and Exits (Geusz, Phil and Wells,  J. (Channing)) (161k)
Hotel Hades (Bonanno, Charles M.) (55k)
Why Not? (Xepher) (57k)
A Wuff at the Door (Charles, Matthew) (11k)
Wulfnacht (Wanderer) (8k)
The Country of the Blind (Charles, Matthew) (13k)
Shadow's Box (Feech) (21k)
Interlude (Qualin) (8k)
Gabriel Descending (Feech) (29k)
Sex and the Modern Snake (Feech) (14k)
Sound of Mind (Feech) (14k)
Stone Rose (Feech) (17k)
Snakes and Ladders (Feech) (31k)
The Frog Prince (Feech) (19k)
Go Unto Pharaoh (Feech) (37k)
Compass (Matthias, Charles) (7k)
This is a Box (Feech) (24k)
When on Earth (Feech) (61k)
Justice (Webster, Captain) (34k)
The Thimble (Feech) (18k)
Best Friends (Charles, Matthew) (7k)
The Pride of Lions (Feech) (24k)
But for the Grace of... (Bonanno, Charles) (25k)
A Miracle of Degree (Wells, J. (Channing)) (158k)
Four Scenes from a Semi-detached House (Charles, Matthew) (14k)
The Promised Land (Feech) (88k)
Death Is Real (Geusz, Phil) (144k)
Ways and Means (Charles, Matthew) (5k)
Piano Man (Feech) (14k)
The Garden (Feech) (48k)
Color Wheel (Feech) (76k)
Sick or Sin or: the Second Failed Baptism of Miss Marybeth Prowse (Wells, J. (Channing)) (66k)
Blue (Fox, Jacob) (44k)
It's a Blue Night Tonight (BlueNight) (15k)
Success, in a Nutshell (Geusz, Phil) (30k)
The Otter's Wish (Oren the Otter) (36k)
The Education of Jacob Fox (Fox, Jacob) (13k)
The Hand you Deal Yourself (Fox, Jacob) (16k)
Fox Hunting (Fox, Jacob) (45k)
Spiral Bound (Feech) (27k)
Stone Age (Feech) (38k)
Finally (Fox, Jacob) (22k)
Milkweed Poison (Feech) (31k)
Curtain-Raiser (Feech) (27k)
Gornul (Oren the Otter) (6k)
Bad Luck can be Good (Cole, James) (6k)
A Worthwhile Pursuit (Oren the Otter) (7k)
Waterslide (Qualin) (32k)
Otherworlds (Oren the Otter) (17k)
The Outsider (Oren the Otter) (14k)
Great Divide (Feech) (40k)
Compatibility (Oren the Otter) (32k)
Gnade Street (Foxley, SR) (210k)
Trying to make his way Home (Loner, Radioactive) (12k)
O' Come All Ye... (van Sciver, Mark) (23k)
A Time Machine (Feech) (55k)
A Christmas Story (Webster, Captain) (13k)
Fursuit (Feech) (5k)
Dog and Pony Show (Fox, Jacob) (12k)
Wild and Crazy (Geusz, Phil and Oren the Otter) (94k)
NPC's (Oren the Otter) (8k)
Where are the Monsters? (Cole, James) (10k)
You're a Good Friend (Oren the Otter) (13k)
Christmas Shopping (Oren the Otter) (11k)
Bar Vignette (Oren the Otter) (4k)
Frost (Feech) (31k)
Beyond the Wall of Ice (Bard, Michael) (84k)
Mid-Life Crisis (Geusz, Phil) (17k)
Victoria (Oren the Otter) (40k)
Epilogue (Oren the Otter) (2k)
Simplicity (Oren the Otter) (3k)
Simplicity Complicated (BlueNight) (3k)
Oren's Okay (BlueNight) (5k)
A Quiet Night (Greywolf, Tal) (10k)
Otter and Lizard Tails (BlueNight) (56k)
Backstage at the Passion (Feech) (52k)
Desperate Measures (Bonanno, Charles) (262k)
The Last Remaining Wonder in the World (Feech) (70k)
*Bleep*ing Hockey (Fox, Jacob Blue) (14k)
The Background (Cole, James) (6k)
Remembered (Cole, James) (12k)
Against all Odds (Oren the Otter) (14k)
An Innocent Deception (Oren the Otter) (7k)
Winged Instruments (Feech) (81k)
Phone Call (Oren the Otter) (5k)
The Extra (Cole, James) (5k)
TBP/MK Dreams (Oren the Otter) (5k)
A Place for Freedom (Oren the Otter) (41k)
Insect (Cole, James) (10k)
Taboo, Tasteless, and oh so Delicious (BlueNight) (4k)
The Essence of Art (Phil Geusz and Heather White) (13k)
The Shore Line (Feech) (57k)
Secrets, Lies, Sex and Death (BlueNight) (21k)
Raining in Baltimore (Kaiser, Andrew) (12k)
Round Here (Wanderer) (8k)
Disclosure (BlueNight) (41k)
Under Cloud and Under Star (Loner, Radioactive) (56k)
...Interesting Times (Bonanno, Charles) (7k)
Thomas (Kaiser, Andrew) (20k)
The Unpleasant Profession of Jennifer Hoag (Bonanno, Charles) (21k)
Car 38 (Ihnen, David) (6k)
Where There's Smoke... (Bonanno, Charles) (20k)
Meet Mr. M (Cole, James) (21k)
One Day in a Nice Neighborhood (Mazanec, Thomas) (8k)
Behind Every Man... (Loner, Radioactive) (12k)
The Life and Times of Chris Schlock (Ihnen, David) (23k)
The Last White Night of an Unknown Voice (Wells, J, (Channing)) (10k)
The Messenger (Reid, Richard) (9k)
Emergency Call (Reid, Richard) (12k)
Faith Healing (Mazanec, Thomas) (6k)
The Neighbor (Mazanec, Thomas) (12k)
Fireburst (BlueNight) (14k)
Mouse Remembered (BlueNight) (10k) ADULT
The Decision (Mazanec, Thomas) (10k)
Late Breaking News (Cole, James) (5k)
Revelations, Truth, Sex and Life (BlueNight) (52k) ADULT
Legal Moves (Cole, James) (8k)
Con Sequences (BlueNight) (15k)
Stars (Wanderer) (7k)
Prayer Meeting (BlueNight) (5k)
Double Vision (BlueNight) (10k)
A Glow in the Dark (BlueNight) (6k)
Anniversary (BlueNight) (77k) ADULT
As Ye Samhain (Wanderer) (10k)
The Cat and the Mouse (BlueNight) (8k)
Pet Rabbit (BlueNight) (28k) ADULT
A Good Run of Luck (Long, Quentin) (38k)
Wally and Jane (Cole, James) (15k)
Second Heat (Long, Quentin) (40k)
The Babysitter (Mazanec, Thomas) (12k)
A Friend in Need (Bonanno, Charles) (28k)
Speedy Trials (Long, Quentin) (59k)
Having a Ball (Stein, Bob "Posti") (9k)
Fishing Expedition (Geusz, Phil) (21k)
United (Fox, Jacob Blue) (9k)
Snow Angel (Xepher) (57k)
Air to Surface (Williams, Greg) (7k)
Drug Bust (Bonanno, Charles) (4k)
Mr. M's Legacy (Cole, James) (12k)
Actions and Reactions (Mirayas, Hallan) (16k)
Denali (Williams, Greg) (15k)
Untitled (Kamau) (19k)
Dark Matters (Wanderer) (9k)
No Quick Fix (Long, Quentin) (10k)
Throwing Down the Gauntlet (Mirayas, Hallan) (27k)
Something to Live For (Bard, Michael) (41k)
One Small Step... (In Progress) (Bard, Michael & Long, Quentin) (460k)
Man in the Mirror (Rabbit, Sly) (114k)
It's Time that I Realize... (Rabbit, Sly) (5k)
Let Down (Rabbit, Sly) (13k)
Golden Years (Geusz, Phil) (6k)
The Life and Times of Chris Schlock: Just Another Day on the Job (Ihnen, David) (27k)
Ifida (Rabbit, Sly) (44k)
Seizing the Acorn (Geusz, Phil) (192k)
That's Amore! (Bonanno, Charles) (79k)
Fast Break (Long, Quentin & Mirayas, Hallan) (124k)
Tex (Williams, Greg) (15k)
Trial by Fire (Mirayas, Hallan) (6k)
Skindancer (Williams, Greg) (5k)
Simulator Wings (Williams, Greg) (8k)
A Visit to a Vet (Xepher) (25k)
Living in Want (Kaiser, Andrew) (80k)
Lunchtime Conversations (Mirayas, Hallan) (10k)
Death by Calculus (Bard, Michael & Mirayas, Hallan) (13k)
Acquiring Targets (Bard, Michael) (27k)
Casualties (Mirayas, Hallan) (10k)
Poker Distractions (Bard, Michael) (11k)
Christmas Rush (Long, Quentin) (23k)
Having a Ball (Stein, Bob) (9k)
Schroedinger's Dryad (Bard, Michael) (29k)
Toys (Stein, Bob) (16k)
Another Trophy for the Wall (Rabbit, Sly) (15k)
Christmas Resolutions (Wanderer) (34k)
Reflections (Mirayas, Hallan) (9k)
Common Ground (Geusz, Phil) (93k)
Ice Dance (Mirayas, Hallan) (22k)
Homecoming (Bard, Michael) (42k)
Ave Maria: The Story of Fats Mitchell (Rabbit, Sly) (85k)
To Dream, Perchance to... (Bonanno, Charles) (21k)
Maeror Tacitus (Wanderer) (5k)
Da Mob (Geusz, Phil) (232k)
Dodging Bullets (Rabbit, Sly) (78k)
First Day Jitters (Geusz, Phil) (14k)
Animal House (Rabbit, Sly) (148k)
The Dream Lives On (ShadowWolf) (51k)
Gettin' Lucky (Rabbit, Sly) (60k)
Double Feature (Rabbit, Sly) (178k)
Seventh Circle (Geusz, Phil) (102k)
Nothing Personal (Bonanno, Charles) (25k)
Wings of Healing (Bard, Michael) (15k)
The Mug of Doom (Mirayas, Hallan) (11k)
Skitter (Checkers) (9k)
The Fastest TBP Christmas Story in the West (Feech) (45k)
Untitled (Kamau) (19k)
Thirty Seconds over the North Pole (Bard, Michael) (32k)
Thirty Seconds over the North Pole - Afterword (Wanderer) (7k)

Cubist's Story Site

A large number of stories set around 2038 and later.

Mia's Archive

A Meta archive of stories, this link will take you to the index of TBP stories.  As Mia's archive is really just a list of links to elsewhere on the internet, and it has been years since it was updated, no guarantees are made of any links working.

Raven's Lair

A personal archive of favourite TBP stories by various authors.

The Transformation Story Archive

The original archive containing the original stories but none of the new ones.

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