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by Charles M. Bonanno
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Radio transmission transcript recorded June 5th, 1942. US Naval archives. Hawaii. Top Secret. Eyes Only: Archive code: 131439-1942

Length of transcript approximately 5 minutes.

“... Sweet Jesus! Can anyone hear me!”

[Static] Next words garbled.

“... Captain Howlers calling the Yorktown. Can you hear me?”

[Static] Next sentence fades out before end.

“This is Captain Charles Howlers. Yorktown can you hear me? My plane’s a wreck but the radio light is still on. Come in Yorktown. My entire squadron is down and...”

[Static] Next few sentences came in clear.

“Yorktown can you hear me. This is Captain Howlers from Torpedo squadron Betty Boops! Damn it, I can see you! What’s going on out there! My squadron got shot down! I’m the only one left!”

[static] Next sentence garbled.

“... They’re all dead! The atoll is covered in dead Japs! I don’t know where I am but I can see some Carriers burning on the horizon! Yorktown can you hear me!”

[static] Several sentences lost.

“There’s some kind of underground base here. The islands is covered with all kinds of camouflaged mining equipment. I can see no gun emplacements but the place is built like Fort Knoxs! They’re dead Jap civilians all over the place and...”

“... bodies all over the place! Some of the bodies are wearing rubber suits and some kind of gas masks over their faces. The bodies are all twisted and disfigured, but it looks nothing like the mustard gas films they showed us aboard ship...”

“... Lord! Good Lord! I turned over one of the bodies and it had a cow’s tail sticking out of the backside! I don’t know what going on here! I must be going mad! These aren’t human bodies! This is worse than the German death camps! Come get me off this damn rock...”

“... Okay Chuck, get a hold of yourself! You must’ve hurt your head when you crashed Old Rusty on the beach. That’s right... you must’ve banged your head bringing that old torpedo bomber down, that the only way...”

“...Yorktown, damn it! Get me out of his Hellhole! These Japs must’ve been crazy! What looked like human bodies are just dead animals dressed in Jap army uniforms and medical gear...”

“There’s must be a hundred dead bodies underground in the bunker. I found a couple huge fuel tanks and rooms full of lab equipment and food. They must’ ve been hiding here for years! And next to the lagoon I found a fresh pit dug into the ground...”

“... tractor track marks all over the place... they must’ve found something and brought it up to the...”

[static] Several sentences lost.

“... the radio room is destroyed! Someone threw a grenade into the place and blew it to kingdom come! There’s blood and bullet holes all over the place. The bodies inside are far worse...”

“They must’ve gone stark raving mad! They dressed up a bunch of animals in human clothing and shoot them in the head! Except for the bodies outside I haven’t seen a single body that looks even half-way human in the bunker and outside...”

“I can’t see any stitches! How in Hell did they saw those animal heads and limbs on the bodies outside?! And they’ve been shot too! They made it look like a bunch of animals took their own lives! Yorktown can you hear ...”


[Static] Unidentified second radio source.

“This is Flight Commander, Mardox. I repeat, this is Flight Commander Mardox. What is your situation? You are transmitting on an emergency frequency. Identify yourself immediately!”

“Thisss isss... thissss is Captain Chuck Howler... Captain Chuck Howler from the Yorktown. Authentication code Blue SSSky And Thunder! Fire on my possssition! This isssland issss an obssservation post for the Japssss. You musssst destroy it!”

“Authentication code confirmed. Commencing our run. Good luck Captain.”

[static] No further transmittons received.


Naval records show the disappearance of a tiny unnamed atoll near the site where the Yorktown was sunk. The entire atoll blew apart when an underground facility was attacked and a fuel dump detonated. No survivors have been documented from this engagement.

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