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Epona Foundation: MEMO
by Tony Cheval
Tony Cheval -- all rights reserved

Just a little development to show that Epona is not all sweetness and light =>. And remember, your character didn't see this! Tally-ho!

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From: Tony Cheval, Chairman Epona Foundation

There are a few recent developments that affect our plans:


Our research team has reported a major development in their attempts to determine the cause of the physical transformations associated with Martian Flu, however it will still take some time to isolate and duplicate it, thus Operation: Quick-Change still remains in the planning stages for now, I would anticipate at least a year before possible implementation.


There has been a distressing upswing in the open hostility shown by groups like Humans First towards SCABs, hate crimes are occurring all too often in this town alone. To this end, I am instructing our lawyers to take on more cases involving SCABs, with any financial losses from inability to pay being absorbed by myself. We will also be supporting counter-terrorist groups, all branch leaders are given full discretion to take whatever actions are necessary.


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