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He Only Comes out at Night
by Tony Cheval
Tony Cheval -- all rights reserved

Rover, finding a good spot to park he locked up and walked to the door. He entered to the sound of a piano and several conversations. One of the Lupines burst out with 'Norm!', then was bapped by another. "That's Tony Cheval, he's on our side!" Tony smiled, he'd never said he was a SCAB, but then he'd never said he was either, feeling it was better not only for his interactions with normals, but also because it made the SCABs feel better having someone like him concerned about them.

He found a stool at the bar, and waved for the bartender, who came over after taking care of another customer. "An Amaretto Sour please." Donnie blinked, a bit surprised to find someone actually wanting alcohol, but served up the drink. Tony looked around, getting a feel for the place. He finished his drink, then walked over to the piano, where a mule-morph was playing. "Hello there, why the long face?" The mule turned, a bit annoyed at the old joke, then blinked at the paper Tony held in front of him. "Perhaps a vacation would help?" Tony turned and walked back to his seat, leaving the mule to study the paper, which described Tony's farm and amenities available to equines. "Looks like this night has potential", Tony thought to himself as he ordered a Coke, being careful to not overdo the booze. A clear head would be paramount tonight...

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