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Justice?... or Revenge?
by Tony Cheval
Tony Cheval -- all rights reserved


Tony watched the evening news, his hands clenched in rage at the sight of a reporter silhouetted against the background of a burning barn, he recognized it as one from the Equine haven Epona had set up in the Los Angeles area, he shut off the TV and threw the remote against a wall. He didn't need to hear the report on casualties, having already received a fax with the information. The Humans First group in the area had managed to get enough people together to attack the farm, which unfortunately hadn't listened to his advice about security, resulting in a complete massacre, half the people dead, and the complex completely destroyed, a fiery monument to the power of human hatred. Tony wallowed in his thoughts for a while, then got up and walked to his phone, dialling the number he'd hoped he'd never have to use.

A gravely voice answered "I've seen a Mustang run..".

Tony responded "But I've never seen a Corvette gallop."

The voice said "OK, what's going on?"

"Are you watching CNN?"

"Was earlier, nasty thing that. So you looking to give some back?"

"Yes, but keep it clean.. for now."

"Ah, I think we can arrange something, want me to leave a calling card?"

"As long as it can't be traced to us, knock yourself out."

"Hey, I wasn't foaled yesterday you know!"

Tony chuckled. "OK, do it." He put down the receiver, then looked out over his land, wondering if it too would soon be invaded by an angry mob....

LOS ANGELES, CA (AP) - The Humans First group, which has been linked to numerous acts of violence against SCABs, discovered today that their opposition is not entirely helpless, as 7 offices in major cities throughout the US were destroyed by bombs, all exploding at approx. 3am EST. Fortunately no one was injured or killed as the buildings were all empty. The FBI is investigating, but have no leads at this time. A note was found at each building, which said, 'An Eye for an Eye, A Tooth for a Tooth'.

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