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The Blind Pig Zone
by Brian Eirik Coe
Brian Eirik Coe -- all rights reserved

Submitted for your approval: A bar.

Not just any bar, but a bar run by a bipedal Aurouch and frequented by the most motley crew of individuals ever seen outside the city zoo. It a place where everyone knows your name, and your species. A place where you can take in a wolf doing Shakespeare, your doctor is a roach and the best musician happens to be a mule.

Somewhere on the south side of a city with no name, you'll find the horse at the end of the bar is the silent type, the weather is forecasted by a deer and you'll never be safer than when you're surrounded by a pack of wolves.

Impossible, you say? Why it's right there on the corner. Come on in and pull up a stool, and welcome to the Blind Pig Zone.

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