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Late Breaking News
by James S Cole
James S Cole -- all rights reserved

A collective cheer rose from the crowed gathered abound the TV at the Blind Pig Gin mill. One of the greatest horrors that had ever arisen in the modern world had finally been put to rest. The Human Party.. a terrible terrorist organization had finally been removed from it's last hold out. They had never been properly dealt with until this time, with there supporters suppressing congressional actions to remove them. There work was completely insidious. Though never officially they had taken parts of the US hostage through disinformation. The places taken over where small communities in isolated places. Human Party agents would cut off all outside communication to small towns and then reappear disguised as government agents. There main weapon was propaganda, and they used it like no one before. For nearly 4 years the small communities they took over believed that a man named Johnathan Powell had become the president and ordered SCABS who could not speak on there own euthanized... this was just a cover up though, the Human Party actually rounded up SCABS and murdered them. When the National Guard freed the captured area's they found mass graves with dozens of SCABS in them, and even small groups of SCABS who hid or tried to attack them. The mere idea of allowing a group of terrorists to hold humans hostage and murder SCABS sent shivers down my spine. America was the land of freedom, and out government had allowed these insane people to act as if they where the law for nearly 4 years!

"It's about fucking time!" Someone yelled.

I knew in my heart that the genocidal murder of SCABS had not made the government act. Only the supporters of the Human Party being voted out in the last election had done what the government should have done 4 years ago.. Most news broadcasts hardly mentioned the slaughter of innocent SCABS, only the "Freeing of Hostages", hostages who never knew they where held hostage. The Human Party members had been so adamant about there "Holy Crusade" against SCABS. Even when Johnathan Powell had committed suicide they didn't give up. When I think back to when these events began I honestly wonder if the Government even cared, 4 years is a long time to let your people be held hostage, no matter how many there are. The one thing that causes me to lose the most sleep isn't that it took 4 years, or that people had been so effectively snowed for so long, what it is... is the fear that some day that a group like the Human Party might actually take over.

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